The Tale Of Avnean Twin Of Legolas- – -Chap4-Mind Block

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Avnean pulled her cloak more closely around her as she traversed the darkened halls of her home. If her parents or the cooks or anybody for that matter found out where she was headed she would be in seriously big trouble. After a rather loud argument at the table that night with father over a result of him wanting her to continue her lady-like duties instead of being with Legolas when they returned from Lothlorien had set in her in a terribly bad mood. As a result a rather irritated and near to exploding Thranduil set her to her room without supper, Legolas staring quietly at her back after their father forbid him to follow. Her mother was surprisingly quiet throughout the dinner, unlike her usual happy self.

// Avnean this is absurdness, // Legolas whispered urgently across the bond between them. // If you’re caught father will flay you alive! //

// I’m starving Legolas, you know that, // Avnean complained not changing her distance, but hugged her dark cloak more tightly about her.

// Yes are you’re making me hungry all over again, but that isn’t the point. I would like a sister by the end of this night, // Legolas pointed out, growing irritated. // Listen to once will you? //

// My stomach’s talking not my mind, // Avnean informed him, pressing a hand against her growling belly. // I won’t be caught, and if your so worried come and help me. //

// Help you get captured? // Legolas asked. // I’ll await your return. //

// Thank you so much brother, that helps a lot! // Avnean rolled her eyes and Legolas chuckled at her.

// You’re capable, // he sighed. // I won’t distract you anymore. // he pulled away from their speech and left Avnean with only his thoughts, either way she was comforted by it.


Avnean froze in her tracks and slowly turned around. During her mind-speech with Legolas she must have become unaware of keeping hidden in the hallways and she was caught. Her mother was standing before her, dressed in a traveling gown and a burlap sack was thrown over one shoulder. “Yes?” Avnean asked meekly.

“Where are you headed?” her mother asked.

“Kitchen?” she answered and then quick to change the subject she spoke again. “Why are you dressed like this mother?”

“I want to go for a short ride outside, nothing out of sight of the palace I assure you though,” her mother answered.

“No you’re not,” Avnean frowned knowing a short ride didn’t mean having a burlap sack to go with it. “You’re leaving somewhere. Are you going to Lothlorien?”

“No,” her mother sighed. “Hide your thoughts from Legolas.” The order was abrupt and unquestioned for.

“Mother no!” Avnean protested.

“Do it!” Arrana ordered. “Before we both get caught lingering in the halls.”

Swallowing, not wanting to make her mother more mad, but dreading what she was about to do, Avnean, masked her thoughts and feelings from Legolas. The feeling was akin to being thrown out into the sea without any means of navigation to guide one home and back to shore. She felt lost and alone. Avnean shivered hugging her arms, near to tears as she felt Legolas pushing against the mental block in panic. “Why mother?”

“You must swear you will tell no one until they find out,” her mother said instead, ignoring the question.

“Why?” Avnean whispered, tears leaking down her cheeks ready in an instant to break the block.

“Swear it!” Aranna cried harshly. “Swear it!”

“I swear,” Avnean whispered. “I swear by the light of Elebereth and Eru’s will.”

“Good,” Arrana looked down at Avnean. A hard expression on her face, so unlike the one that Avnean was used to, the kind, open and loving expression that was always upon her face. “Then get to your room!”

“Mother what’s wrong?” Avnean asked, more tears spilt down her cheeks and she shivered. “Mother…”


Avnean wept and ran away, more in fear then obedience, her mother’s tone had scared her senseless, she had never spoken to her like that in years!

Arrana clenched her hands as tears spilt down her cheeks. She had hated it so much to see the expression upon her daughter’s face as she ordered her to hide her thoughts and feelings from Legolas. She hated it all. Why? She wanted to ask. Why me? She couldn’t stand to see the tears of `no’ upon her daughter face as she would weep and hold her mother forestalling the trip. Her mind thought back to the note left upon her pillow, knowing that as soon as Thranduil would awaken he would see it. Tears welled and she forced them down.

Unmistakably, Arrana heard the quiet whisper in the back of her mind. The call that consumed her thoughts as she worked throughout the day and tried to ignore its persistent call. The call, that call. She shook her head to clear it and made sure her feet were facing the right way before heading off once more, to the kitchens to scavenge some more food for the long journey to the Havens.

Avnean burst into the room the twins’ shared, sobbing and shaking in fright. In her haste to flee she had forgotten the mental block was still in place. Legolas was sitting on his bed, his head propped with his hands as tears rolled down his cheeks in fright of being cast from Avnean’s mind. When the door slammed open and shut Legolas lifted his head.

“Why Avnean?” he whispered painfully. “Why?”

Avnean was silent as she went to Legolas curling into a little ball and laying down beside him, breaking the mental block. “Mother!” she cried. “Mother, made me.”

Legolas lifted Avnean into his arms and held her as they both felt the comforting brace of the bond between them. “Why?”

“I don’t know,” Avnean sobbed. “I don’t know! She was yelling at me! And…” she choked to a stop as she felt Legolas’s sure warmth flow toward her and she relaxed against his chest her tears rolling steadily to a stop.

“Let’s go tell father,” he suggested.

“We’re leaving for Lothlorien tomorrow,” Avnean objected. “We need our sleep. You’re tired.”

“And you’re still hungry,” Legolas pointed out. “Here why don’t I go to the kitchen for you to sneak the supper? Tomorrow we can tell father about this all right?”

Avnean nodded pressing a hand to her growling stomach, in her despair she had forgotten all about eating and being hungry. “Okay, I’ll wait here.”

Legolas smiled standing up and leaving the room. Once he left every shadow seemed to press upon Avnean and she shivered. She was glad that Legolas was there with her in her mind the comforting strength she could always rely on. She had thought she could always rely on her mother as well, but what had caused the sudden hostility this night? Avnean shivered, she had never ordered her to hide her thoughts from Legolas, no one ever did knowing the results of panic and despair that washed over both of them when they did it.

Avnean shivered again and crawled under the covers of Legolas’ bed pulling them around her to await her brother’s return. Assured by the warm feelings and knowing that Legolas was well on his way to the kitchens Avnean drifted off to sleep. // Legolas, when you come back, please wake me up, I’m hungry, // she muttered to him. Legolas smiled back as Avnean fell asleep, not knowing how close she had come to thwarting her mother’s plans.


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