The Tale of Avnean Twin of Legolas- – -Chap16- Injuries Uncovered-

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Avnean sighed and flipped a rock into the fast flowing Nimrodel. Behind her she heard the gentle whinny of Legolas’s horse. She had ridden behind him refusing to get on her own mount. Behind her Legolas sighed and rested his head against the trunk of the mallorn he was sitting under. There was no need for words, both felt physically exhausted and nervous.

“I don’t like this,” Legolas commented at last, giving voice to the discomfort he felt from Avnean. “Not at all. Are you…”

“Yes! Brother don’t waste your breath,” Avnean snapped. “Oh I’m sorry.” She rubbed her forehead. “I think we should go to the Mirror.”

“And look in?” Legolas asked. “You know that’s against the rules!”

Avnean bent down picking up another rock. “You know how much I care about rules right now.”

“True,” Legolas answered her. “Very well, you’re very persuasive. I wonder though if it will work without the lady.”

“We can always guess,” Avnean suddenly grinned. “You know Legolas I don’t think she can read us.” When Legolas answered by being blunt mystified without saying anything Avnean smiled and turned to him. “Legolas you really need to keep better check on your emotions.”

Legolas grinned. “Maybe I like frustrating you,” he laughed. “Alright Avnean what do you have to say? You’re just a brimming river over there. Spill it before I died because I’m so mystified.”

Avnean looked at Legolas and laughed at his interpretation of her feelings, though they were quite accurate indeed. “Well remember how we stood outside that door?” Avnean asked and winced as Legolas winced remembering how they had just stood there. “Well when we entered I had the distinct impression that Galadriel was startled to see us both, like she knew someone was standing outside that doorway waiting for her but not knowing who it was. Didn’t you notice that? And the time I think she was trying to read our thoughts and did you see her face for a brief second when she failed?” Avnean smiled triumphantly as the thoughts dawned on Legolas.

“It would make sense,” a voice piped up behind them. “Very much sense in all. The thoughts of twins I have found…..they are rather close and their minds are so twined that one such as the Lady could not perceive the others.”

Legolas jumped and his startled thoughts flashed through Avnean’s mind followed by a //Who is he Avnean?// Legolas was both shocked and very upset at the Elf’s comments, Avnean nearly mirroring those thoughts.

Gathering her breath back Avnean looked at Legolas’s narrowed brow. “Legolas,” her voice trembled slightly, Legolas’s feelings overwhelming her. “This is Thenil. He’s….he’s the…ah…..friend I was talking about.”

“Thenil?” Legolas relaxed visibly. He nodded his head towards the Elf. //You seemed guilty there for a moment Avnean, why was that?//

//That I didn’t explain things better brother. I’m sorry I should have done something about it and told you more. I cannot understand this feeling Legolas what is it?//

//Hmmm, nothing I’m in between right now Avnean. No I’m not mad! I’m scared to be mad at you after what happened last time we got mad. You needn’t have told me more, it was fine Avnean. Relax.//

Avnean realized that she had indeed been tense, not noticeable to anyone but Legolas. “Ah Thenil this is my brother Legolas.”

“Good to meet you kind Prince.” Thenil gave a small bow of recognition towards Legolas. “I see that Avnean has forgotten to note on who I am?”

Avnean at his last words wrestled with a sudden flare of anger which was only cooled by Legolas’s calm answer as he sensed the anger towards Thenil’s words.

“Avnean has not forgotten to note me Thenil,” Legoals replied, his voice cool. “She has noted me briefly in passing since we were both in a hurry. What she forgot to note was that you seem to judge to briefly and hastily on the matter that twins share.” By the time he had finished his calm voice had been replaced by a barely hidden anger, Avnean’s own smoldering fueling it.

Thenil, gracefully, looked hurt at the words flung his way. He bowed his head. “I meant no harm Prince Legolas and you to Avnean. I spoke with haste and sometimes haste gets the better of my tongue.” His face clouded briefly. “Or so said someone so long ago that I cannot remember when.”

Avnean felt a well of sympathy for him, overriding her anger as she remembered his lost twin. She felt Legolas slowly untwine as well, relaxing subtly, seeing that his sister was no longer upset. “I’m sorry Thenil. I have my father’s anger beside me and my brother’s idiocy as my sword.”

“Idiocy!” Legolas shouted, launching to his feet; faster than Avnean had ever seen him move. “Take this for idiocy.” Running, he tackled Avnean, playfully knowing she was only teasing, and knocked her to the ground.

“Oh brother mercy,” Avnean laughed as her brother situated himself better so he could mercilessly tickle her sides. “Mercy brother! Legolas mercy.” Her heels drummed against the ground as she shrieked as Legolas tickled her sides. “Brother this is killing me! You should know! Legolas. Please.”

“You’ll do anything?” Legolas grinned wickedly, screwing up his face so he looked decidedly ugly and very scary at once. “Anything?” he didn’t have to wait for an answer, knowing it right away. “Anything? Say I’m not some idiot!”

“You’re….you’re not….not an idiot,” Avnean gasped, tears sparkling in her eyes as she gasped for breath. “But I’m going to kill you after this. When did you seem to become so…evil! Don’t lie.” She glared, good-naturedly as Legolas accepted her answer getting up and casually brushing himself off. “See Thenil? That’s how you handle a sister?”

“And see Thenil that’s how you handle a brother,” Avnean commented as she went to swipe Legolas’s feet from under him. Seeing her thoughts ahead of time the Prince jumped back with a grin but was unbalanced when Avnean’s feet knocked his foot as he landed. Avnean laughed at Legolas’s startled sense as he crashed downwards.

Her laugh was shortly ended when Avnean felt a surge of unbearable pain through her shoulder as Legolas landed on it. The shoulder that he had been wounded in, the shoulder in which was swollen and near to infected. Legolas landed it on and his own cry of pain sounded beside Avnean’s. Pain washed through her, pain doubled because of their closeness, their linked minds magnifying the impact.

“Avnean? Legolas?” Thenil cried startled. “What’s wrong?!”

Avnean cried out again, her hand flying to her shoulder. “Legolas,” it was nearly a scream. “Thenil get us apart! Get us apart!” She couldn’t see Thenil’s expression but her she felt his hand grip her about the waist half-hauling her up and he dragged her a distance away from Legolas screaming for help at the same time.

“Avnean! Avnean don’t think about it,” he called to her as well.

Not think about it? Avnean thought about it hazily. She wasn’t as close to Legolas any more but the pain was still there, pain the pounded on her like she were the anvil and hundred hammers were stroking down. Legolas was choking in his own pain and surprise at his wound.

“Thenil what’s wrong? What’s wrong with them?”

Avnean didn’t know who was speaking, her eyes were closed, trying to hide the pain. Her mind was going fuzzy and she dearly hoped that somehow she would go unconscious, the same thought as Legolas.

“Haldir! Bless this! Pick Legolas up and bring him back as fast as you can. His horse if over there.”

“What about Avnean?” the Elf called Haldir demanded.

“She’s stays here,” Thenil explained. “Hurry up! I’m not sure how long they can stay conscious for.”

Avnean barely heard the conversation, aware that both her and Legolas were dimly fading, the voices coming clear and then faint. She tried to speak with him but couldn’t manage it. She lay there and distantly she was aware of the pain ebbing. It was not disappearing he was getting farther away and silencing the pain in both their minds with it.

“Avnean? Avnean can you hear me?”

“Thenil?” she muttered. “Thenil?”

“It’s me,” the Elf said. “We’ll get you back to Caras Gladhon once it’s safe.”

“How do you know when it is safe?” Avenan muttered. She lifted a hand to her head where she could still fill the distant beat of pain, with Legolas’s distance from her it was only a headache and a major one at that.

“I had a twin once Avnean. I’ll know when. Come to take your mind off that pain what happened?” Thenil asked her, changing the subject.

“Legolas got bit by a spider back home. He hasn’t been taking care of it at all. I put some salve on it the night before last but it didn’t help much,” Avnean winced. “Thenil will he be fine?”

“Of course Avnean,” Thenil soothed. “Silly girl to ask such a question as that.”

Avnean smiled dimly. “I’m just going to close my eyes for a moment.”

“Avnean don’t you dare do that!” Thenil cried. “Avnean stay awake.”

Avnean smiled again and closed her eyes. She welcomed the darkness with open arms and whispered sorry that she was unable to bear it, to Legolas.

The first thing Avnean was aware about was warmth and the absence of pain. Why was it that she always noted that first? The second thing was aware of was Legolas in the bed next to her was getting a thorough whip-lashing from the Lady, evidently she had figured out what was wrong. Avnean couldn’t hear the words very much but she could sense it, from Legolas was feeling like he just wanted to die or for the Lady to forget about him.

//Having fun?// she muttered groggily to him.

//Avnean save me!// Legolas shouted back, causing Avnean to wince. //She’s worse than father when he’s in a rage, she won’t stop talking!//

Avnean smiled in her thoughts. //Mmmm// she agreed with Legolas. //Its so warm and quiet over here Legolas.//

//Oh be quiet!// he shouted at her. //Rub it in why don’t you?//

//That’s what I’m doing,// Avnean laughed back. //I’m going back to sleep, nice peaceful, quiet sleep where the Lady of the Wood isn’t yelling in my ear.// This time she smiled for real getting the distinct impression that Legolas would have punched her smartly in the shoulder had they not been confined like this. However, even Avnean was unsure whether the punch would be playful or serious.

//Serious,// Legolas answered her unspoken thought. //Dead serious. I’m literally going to kill you Avnean when I get out this lecture hall and don’t you dare fall asleep on me young lady.//

//Yes father,// Avnean murmured, already `closing’ her eyes to sleep. She heard a final shout from Legolas before she allowed herself to drift in sleep. As she drifted the last things she heard was a swift reprimand from the Lady.

Author’s Note: I’m sorry about being late! And I apologize if I have a million spelling and grammer mistakes in this part. Hope you enjoyed reading it!


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