The Tale of Avnean Twin of Legolas – -Chap 1- The Feast-

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“Mommy?” Avnean tugged on her mother’s skirt. She was ignoring the chatting Elvish voices above her that signaled that her mother was in a conversation, a very bad time to talk to her, but it was important.

“Hush, hush, my child in a moment,” she replied absently to the repeated tugging of her skirt while she talked.

“Mommy,” Avnean persisted pulling on the green skirt again, harder this time. She kept ignoring the talking voices above her as her mother conversed with the other Elves of the dinner feast before the dancing. “Mommy!”

“Avnean,” she sighed and dropped to Avnean’s height so she could look her straight in the eye. “Mommy’s busy right now. What’s wrong?”

“Um,” Avnean put a finger to her lips and looked at her mother with her green-brown eyes. Now that she slightly thought about it perhaps it was a bad idea. Legolas was being bad though. “Mommy, Legolas’s being bad. He’s going to scare the Lady.”

“The Lady of Lothlorien?” her mother persisted. She was looking at Avnean intently now.

“Uh-huh,” Avnean nodded enthusiastically. “I know.” She tapped her forehead. “Legolas is being bad. Really bad.”

“Thank you my Avnean,” her mother smiled. “I’ll go warn the Lady and punish your brother.”

“Not hard mommy,” Avnean pleaded. “I hurt too.” She tapped her forehead again and smiled. “Up!”

Her mother lifted Avnean up into her arms. “Now where’s your brother?”

“Um. . .” Avnean thought hard. “The flet!”

“Then lets go to the flet and stop that brother of your,” she laughed. Carefully her mother picked her way across the floor. She offered smiled and hi’s for those that she passed. When they came to the end of the Great Hall they both saw that Thranduil was standing at the door.

“Where are you two going?” he asked, raising a suspicious eyebrow. He was wearing his autumn crown and in the flickering torchlight his blue eyes looked like fire.

“Legolas is being bad,” Avnean answered.

“He’s planning on scaring the Lord and Lady,” Avnean’s mother explained in further detail.

Thranduil raised a delicate eyebrow again. “Is he then? Well then my lady’s please stop him.”

“Yes Father,” Avnean saluted him with a smile. “We’re going to stop him!”

“Hurry along then,” Thranduil rushed them into the hall.

The two girls traveled silently down the empty hallways, filled only with the flickering torchlight, until they came to the Lord and Lady’s flet in the beech trees. However, as they came towards their flet Avnean noticed that the birds were singing and the smell of winter to come was on the wind. The feel of this around her was making Avnean itchy to go and play and forget that her brother was in trouble.

“Later,” her mother insisted, as she noticed Avnean’s mind drifting. “First we find your brother. Where is he?”

“Um. . .” Avnean tapped her forehead once more. The connection she felt in the back of her mind linked her to her twin. “Behind the door at the top. Up!”

Her mother lifted the hem of her feast skirt, to make the ascent easier and started to the mount the stairs, Avnean still in her mother’s arms.

“Legolas!” Avnean called up through the branches as they climbed. “Legolas you’re in trouble! Big trouble! I told mommy you were being bad!” There was silence for a little while as they climbed higher.

//Avnean,// a small voice complained in her head, suddenly. //Hush! Please?// He sounded hurt and upset at her.

“He’s mad at me mommy,” Avnean whispered, in a worried voice.

“It’s all right,” her mother assured her gently.

Avnean smiled warmly at her mother. “Up,” she encouraged her mother, assured by her calm tone. “Up, he’s up. He told me to be quiet.” She peered up at the beech leaves then added. “Shh,” pushing a finger to her lips. “Shh”

“Up it is,” she smiled and shifted Avnean’s weight in her arms. She took hold of the wooden rail and continued to climb the stairs. During the rest of the climb every once in a while Avnean heard the voice of Legolas in her mind telling her to hush as the mounted the spiraling stairs.

At the top of the stairs the two of them came upon a very startled sight. Legolas, dressed for the feast that was happening that night sat slumped on the top stair. His head was down, propped up by his hands, while the elbows rested on his knees. His golden hair hung in his face. Avnean could hear him sniffling, but already knew that she had made a mistake telling mom.

“Mommy, let’s go. Legolas can scare them,” she tugged on her mother’s sleeve. “Go!”

Her mother very tuned to their relationship of their minds set Avnean down gently. “It’s too late now Avnean. Come sit down and we’ll surprise the Lord and Lady in another way.”

“I wanted to scare them though,” Legolas sniffed looking up. He brushed a hand across his eyes.

Feeling acutely that her twin was depressed, Avnean pattered to her his side and sat down. “I’m sorry,” she whispered, feeling guilty that she had told mom. Avnean put her arms around Legolas and held him in a tight hug. A moment later Legolas put his own arms around Avnean. Their minds bound together comforting them more thoroughly then the hug could ever do.

“We’ll scare them in a different way,” her mother suggested, using her earlier words that the twins had forgotten she had said. “We’ll scare them by surprise?”

“Surprise?” both asked at once, startled out of their tranquil hug. “How?”

“Sit and be patient my children,” she hushed them. “Come sit here and I will sing really quiet so that they won’t hear us coming up the steps.”

Avnean and Legolas looked at each other, silently conversing through their feelings and then smiled. They scrambled to each of their mother’s sides and let her cradle them gently in her arms and rock them back and forth as she quietly sang to them.

Later that night, around midnight, when both twins had fallen asleep in their mother’s arms, waiting for the Lord and Lady to arrive from the feast, they climbed the steps. When Galadriel and Celeborn looked at the sleeping twins they smiled warmly.

“We heard about it,” Galadriel said softly coming forward. “Do you need help carrying them back to their room?”

“No, you go to bed they need their sleep,” the Queen answered in a low whisper. “I’ll manage by myself.”

“Galadriel, go to bed I’ll help the Lady, I need to speak alone with her as well,” Celeborn issued his wife into the room, after his low words that he Queen did no catch.
After a slight withering look at her husband Galadriel slipped through the door of the flet, into their guest house. When she left Celeborn looked down at the sleeping twins, still cradled in their mother’s arms.

He sighed inwardly; both Galadriel and him knew that Avnean and Legolas were supposed to be identical twins, not just simple twins. He couldn’t understand what had happened during the birth to make them look so different.

While Avnean’s hair was golden brown and her eyes warm green-brown, Legolas had the golden hair and the bright blue eyes of his father. Other than that startling change they were similar in all aspects so that anyone would just assume that they were relatives, or brother and sister instead of twins. Identical twins, Celeborn reminded himself. Again he wondered why they had these different aspects to them. In his minds eye could clearly remember the vision that had been given to him before their birth. He had been shown that they would be identical twins, the only difference that was supposed to be between them was that of girl and boy. Visions never lied so how did it come to them looking so different? Was it do with their fate in life that being different would protect them from horrible fates that could not be avoided were they to be shown identical?

Shaking himself from his brooding thoughts, Celeborn lifted the sleeping weight of Avnean in his arms. The young Elven child, shifted and muttered something in her sleep. Legolas sleeping his mother’s arms did similar when she lifted him up. Looking across to the Queen he smiled at her warmly. “My lady you have very special children, guard them well in life for they have a great road of destiny ahead of them.” He turned, leaving his mysterious words to hang and descended the stairs towards the twins’ room.

*- If it would be not to much to ask I would enjoy your crtisism on my story and whether I should continue or not.


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