The Tale of Amarthwen

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Chapter 5

The night had been tortured by nightmares. The perfectly made up bed had turned into a wreckage by all her movements. She woke up sweating, gasping for air, and remembered why she never slept. She looked around the room. It seemed to her is was big enough to house ten instead of just her. And the bed. The bed was nothing like she ever had seen before, so big and so soft. She realized she was not the right person to judge though, since she spend most of her night’s on the harsh ground of Middle Earth or high up in the trees. She knew that this room probably was one of the smaller ones.

She walked out of the room longing for a look over the city, unaware that she was still dressed in the nightgown given to her upon her arrival, floating in the wind behind her as she took her steps. The city was quiet and dark in midnight’s peace, only the little lights in the trees bringing light into the city as the sounds of leaves gently moving in the wind broke it’s silence.

She stood there for what seemed like hours, watching, listening to the city. The peace was quickly broken when someone placed a hand on her shoulder. Without thinking, she turned around and reacting with her instincts and with her nightmare fresh in memory, she stroke her attacker. As she looked up into the dark eyes widened in surprise she came to her senses, remembering she was in Lothlorien, save for now. The dark eyes, where those of Gilgirith, who was rubbing his cheek with the palm of his hand. Apparently her aim was still good. As his expression turned from surprise into amusement, she suddenly became very aware of the fact that she was standing in nothing but her nightgown, before the prince of Lothlorien who was recovering from a stroke she gave him.

” Well, goodmorning to you too”. “Probably not the right moment to ask you about your night, my lady”. He still seemed amused by the whole situation. She wanted no more than to wipe that grin of his face. ” Do you always sneak up on people like that?” ” Than it surprises me that your not used to such a reaction”. Her fierce eyes met his glance. ” I’m sorry my lady”. ” I should have know better than to sneak up on you like that”. “Though I must point out, people in Lothlorien tend to be less agressive”. He smiled when he said it. SHe felt greatly irritated by his reaction in all this. He walked away towards the end of the platform, turning before he climbed up the stairs. ” Elendé?” ” You might want to change before attending the council”. He grinned and walked out of sight, leaving her behind thinking he deserved more than on slab, and a little embarrassed.


He was sitting on their long oval shaped table with his parents when she entered. Dressed in her travellers clothes she looked totally different from this morning. He smiled at her, his thought turning back to this morning, as she tried her best to egnore him and greeted his parents. She took place on the other side of the table meeting his glance with her fierce eyes. SHe hadn’t forgot their meeting either. He wondered what had caused her to act in such a way. He told himself she oviously been through a lot lately and the darkness on the Gladden Fields must have clouded her mind. But the look he had seen in her eyes when they met at the stream of Nimrodel, the look he had seen again today, told him there was far more to it than that.

He listened as she told her story to his parents. Something about her childhood in Mirkwood, and her business on the Gladden Fields and what happened there that caused her to find refugees in Lothlorien. She told her story with confidence though it seemed to him she left out details and without the heart. His parents had felt the darkness for some time and felt it would be un save for her to return so swiftly. She was welcome to stay among the people of Lothlorien as long as her heart wished to. And to his surprise he felt a relieve in his heart, knowing that she would not yet leave. There was more to learn and discover about this most unusual maiden.


A month had passed since Sydë had entered the woods of Lothlorien and had taken her identity as Elendé, the maiden of Mirkwood. Though she kept her distance from most elves and spend her days walking in the woods, singing the words that came into her mind and watching the stars on one of the high balconies when the night crept in, she could not avoid all contact. Gilgirith came to see her more often, accompany her on her walks, and though he greatly annoyed her sometimes, she began to find wisdom in his words and appreciate his company. Though she hated to admit it, it did her good after years of solitude.

As midsummer night drew near, the inhabitants of the wood started to prepare for their anual feast. Sydë kept aside from all the preparations. Afterall, she had no interest nor knowledge of them. She continued her normal everyday life since she arrived here, paying no attention to the building excitement. As Gilgirith had more important matters to attend to, he accompanied her less on her walks. At the occasions he did come along her always informed her about the feast. Saying he would appreciate her making an appearance. Without much enthusiasm she promised him that she would, though merely to please him and his parents than for herself. She never felt comfortable in large crowds. She somehow felt her hiding days had not yet passed.


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