The Tale of Amarthwen – Prologue

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One of the first things she could remember from her childhood was a small stream. The water felt cold between her toes, giving her refreshment on the warm sunny day, the sound of the water running pleasantly in her ears. Her mother was stroking and braiding her black hair giving her a feeling of warmth and love. She felt like she could not feel any saver anywhere else.

It had been a wonderful day in June. Twelve years after the defeat of Sauron and the quest for the ring. Most elves had sailed out to the west and left Middle Earth to the Men and Dwarves and other free folk. She knew her mother was saddened by the thought their where no but a few of her kin left. Rómenwen, Maiden of Sunrise, she was called, because her golden hair shinned every bright among that hour. She had lived in the golden woods of Lothlorien, dancing between the falling leaves, until darkness took her. Rómenwen had wandered too far off to the borders of her land and was taken captive by the servants of the dark and brought to the tower of Barad-Dur deep in the land of Mordor. Here she was bound to Sauron the Abhorred and lived many dark days in his fortress, until his fall. She was set free and returned to Lothlorien knowing she was carrying a child in her womb. The child of a dark lord. When she reached the borders of Lothlorien her faith had traveled before her. She would not be granted access to the golden woods ever again unless she doomed her unborn child to death. Although it was the hardest choice of her life, Rómenwen left the lands of her birth and her kin to give birth to the child of Sauron the Abhorred, to her child. For she could not let it in her heart to leave her child to death.

And so it was the Sydë was born in the wild and wandered years with her mother over the free lands of Middle Earth. For some time they lived in peace and quiet. And Sydë learned the elvish as well as the common tongue, and fighting skills with the bow and knifes. She was eager to learn and made herself a new weapon she called the Maron, an elbow length stick with a knife on both sides, and learned to rotate it faster like non-other.

But it seems that to all their happy times had to come an end. Twenty years after Saurons defeat, darkness began to rise again, like it had never left. Sydë’s short and happy life was turned around when she and her mother where attacked by a host of servants of the dark. They both fought long and hard and the dark side had many losses but it did not matter. Sydë was caught and slowly taken away, if it was not for Rómenwen, who slained the garths before laying herself to ground and find peace in the halls of Mandos. Sydë was overwhelmed with grief and for a moment could do nothing else than shed tears for the person she loved most in her life. Till rage overtook her. She had never fought like this before. On stroke sent two men flying into the air. None other than her would live to tell the tale.

And so begins the tale of Sydë. By the elves called Amarthwen. Maiden of Doom.


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