The Tale of Amarthwen – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

The darkness was sudden on the open plain. The little moonlight gave no comfort after the bright light of the city. “Faster, Isil, faster”, she whispered, barely able to produce any sound through the lump that was growing in her trought. The wind felt cold against the dried tears on her cheek. She gazed back to the distant lights in the trees before turning to the darkness in front of her, becoming just another shadow in a world full of them.


“You came”. “I hold my promises”. She looked up and felt herself smile, an action that wasn’t all to familiar to her. She had grown a lot this last month, she felt like her life had finally began even though she had seem many years pass. “Well, your manners have certainly lessened a great deal Gilgirith, or am I not worthy to be introduced?”. A tall elf with golden locks stepped beside Gilgirith. “My apologies, my friend. I am afraid my manners had forsaken me for a while”. “Ilmarin, may I introduce you to Elende, from our kin in Mirkwood”. “And Elende, this is Ilmarin, Chief of Guard and my long time friend”. “It is a pleasure to meet you, my lady”, said Ilmarin, picking up her hand. “So how long have you been hiding her from me, my dear Gilgirith?”. He had been merry all the time but suddenly it seemed to her, that his eyes turned red with anger, and in a quick movement he reached for his elvensword that was had been resting a moment before by his waist. Her eyes widened and she fearsly pulled her hand back. “Are you alright, my lady?”.Both elves looked upon her with concern. Glancing at Ilmarin waist she saw there was no sword attached there. On this merry occasion no weapons where worn. “My apologies.” “I don’t know what came over me.” “I am feeling a bit shaky in big crowds.” “If you gentleman would excuse me, I think I’ll take a walk.” Not waiting for a reply she wandered of to her room to fetch a cloak before walking into the quiet of the woods. She had no idea where she was going but she stopped when she reached an open spot between the high trees. It was a very dark night except for the very pale light of the moon that was playing with the leaves, making them shimmer for a second before leaving them to the dark again. She sad down against a tree and let her eyes adjust to the darkness. What had happened? Maybe she had lingered here to long already, but she knew in her heart that she had never felt happier anywhere else and that against her wisdom she wanted to stay. She was just beginning to explore a whole new side of herself. What she had seen may have just been a sick illusion of a mind who already had seen enough hurt and evil. She returned from her thoughts when she felt the steering of the leaves around her. She didn’t have to look to know who had come. There was no other who would look for her. He sad down next to her and for a long time they were quiet, content in their silence. Finally he spoke; “I will not ask you to talk about it, but you have to know, I am here to listen if you may decide to do so.””What if there’s nothing to talk about?”, she replied. “You know by now I am uneasy in crowds.” “Your right, but something tells me there’s more to it than that.””But if you do not want to reveal it, I’ll have my peace with that.” “I believe where all entitled to some secrets.” Again they remained silent for a while, this time it was her turn to break it. “Will you not go back to the party?” “surely you will be missed by now?” “I will if you would want me to leave, but otherwise I have no desire to return there.” “You don’t have to leave on my account, but I am afraid I will not prove an entertaining companion tonight,” she said. “Then I will stay here and hope my company will cheer you up as yours always cheers me up.” She could not help but to smile at his remark as she looked up into his face, for she could feel her spirit did indeed rise a bit. “I am glad that my plan seems to be working.” “For I am blessed to see that smile of yours again.” “You do indeed have a gift to make me smile, Gilgirith.” She did not realize that Gilgirith had moved closer to her and even as his lips closed over hers, it took her some time to realize what was happening. She suddenly got up, sending him backwards on the ground. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” “I cannot..” The tears were streaming down her face when she turned and ran, leaving a startled Gilgirith alone in the dark.

How could she have been so stupid. She had fooled herself, thinking her life could be normal. Thinking she could live a lie. But the thing that had scared her the most was the way she had felt when Gilgirith kissed her. She did not want to love. Love only ever brought her hurt. But he did not love her for her. He was in love with the lie she created. She knew what she had to do. There was no future for her here. She had reached the stables and opened the door. In the dark Isil wailed, if to ask what was the change in mood all of the sudden. In one swift movement she mounted the horse, whispering in it’s ear to go as fast as she could. She did not notice the shadow that had moved through the door until it was to late. The pale moonlight lighted up the silver as the shadow sprung forward and grabbed her leg. “Faster, Isil, Faster.” As the horse sprung forward the person hanging on her leg got slammed against the stable door and before letting go made a last grab at her. A sharp pain ran through her leg and then she was free, moving fast through the city towards the gate and the safety of the plains behind it. The party was still going on and most elves had left there post. To most it seemed to long ago since they needed to guard they city. And so it was that she could quickly leave the city into the woods and then on to the open plain behind them. Tears by now streamed freely over her face and she could feel something warm dripping down her leg. Yet she didn’t seem to notice that much. Everything felt completely numb when she rode away into the darkness of the plain.


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