The Tale of Amarthwen – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

The first strings of sunlight found their way through the thick roof of leaves, leaving a pleasantly warm feeling. Sydë had been up al night, unable to surrender to her sleep, as always.
She got up and walked to the edge of the platform high up in the tree, settling on the edge, watching Isil down below.
She climbed down the ladder and joined the mare on the ground, searching for something to eat, while the morning fog cleared away around her.

Gilgirth was awoken out of his sleep by some moving leaves on the ground. He reached out for his bow before realising the previous day. He put his bow aside again. He had no intention of a confrontation with the girl that stood below and her weapons again. He leaned of the edge of the platform looking down on her, knowing she knew he was watching and carefully ignoring him.
He leaped down the platform landing on the ground. “Goodmorning”, he said. She mumbled something back without looking up to him, continuing her search.
He grabbed some packages out of his backpack. Little strings hold the thick leaves together, to find, when unbound, some small light bread inside. Lemblas, elvish way bread. He never left without some. You never knew where you could stumble on.

He handed her a package. After short considering she took it staring at it, with out eating. After a while she handed a piece of Lemblas back to him saying. “You first!” He wondered what made her so suspicious, while taking the piece of bread and eating it. She watched him a while looking for anything unnatural before eating a piece. He watched and saw a pleasant surprise on her face with the taste of the bread. He wondered why a maiden from Mirkwood had never tasted Lemblas.


They had walked most of the day and when they reached the borders of the city the shadows behind the trees announced the coming of darkness again. He admired the maiden’s strength and endurance, for she had not complained during the long walk and still seemed rather fit. Like if she was use to taking longer journeys. They still had to travel around the city for the entrance was on the other side, but they would enter Garad Garathlas before nightfall.

Sydë stood motionless as the gates of the city closed behind her. Looking at the light in the trees, sound of laughter and singing of its inhabitants in her ears. The great city of Lothlorien was everything she had expected it to be and even more. She had never been around so many of her kin before. She felt strangely comfortable, almost at home, though on her guard as always. Keeping her secret and past revealed.

She fallowed Gilgirith through the city up to the royal tree of the city, the home of his parents, carefully fallowed by hundreds of head, curiously looking down at the new visitor.
“Don’t mind them. It’s not often that we welcome a visitor among us these days”. Gilgirith seemed to have noticed that she was uncomfortable by all the attention. She wondered if she was that transparent in all her feelings.

They climbed step after step, on stair of wood that seemed if they go ever on and on. When they finally reaching the big platform that looked out upon the city. A small gasp of air left her mouth, for the view was incredible.

She looked up when to elves entered the room. The lord and a lady of the city. She with golden hair, hanging loose over her shoulders, shining in the lights, similar to the colour of her mother had been. He with dark brown hair, braided away from his face. She made a quick bow, for it seemed to her it was right thing to do at the time, and looking upon their faces she knew it was.

“Such strange are the things you have returned with, every time you leave us and go out of the city, Gilgirith my dear son. But this is by far the most strange of all!” said the man Gilgirith had proudly spoken of as Gabilgadil.
“Why now, don’t just stand there. Give your company the proper introduction”.

She watched as Gilgirith’s face colored a bit before speaking; “I present to you Elendé, maiden of our kin in Mirkwood”. “She entered our woods for shelter, for the dark had came to her two night ago on the Gladden Fields”.
She bowed again, for she knew she was welcomed into a honorable party that had earned the proper respect.
“Welcome Elendé, to the house of Gabilgadil and Amarië, Lord and Lady of Lothlorien. May your stay here be joyful and pleasant. In these dark times”. The woman spoke with such warmth, and in a shock she realized she spoke in the same fashion of her mothers, as if they had knew each other well.
“Tonight you must rest. But tomorrow we shall discuss the events, for what happens around our borders is still to great interest to us. And it seems to me more dark things have happened lately”.
“Gilgirith, would you escort the lady to our guestroom?”.
Gabilgadil and Amarië bowed before leaving without waiting for an answer. Leaving her and Gilgirith behind.

Amarië had been wondering around with a strange feeling all day. Not knowing what was to happen until her only son arrived with the maiden. She was gifted with the sight. The sight that Lady Galadriel had, only it grew less strong in her. There had been something about the maiden, something that lay behind her eyes that gave her a feeling of familiarity, though she could not place it. For the one she reminded her of had long be forgotten.

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