The Tale of Amarthwen – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

For a minute they just stood there. Both unwilling to lower their weapons, leaving the other with their faith. He finally lowered his weapon, leaving her armed and ready. After a while she fallowed his lead, with great displeasure, so it seemed to him. He looked at the maiden that stood before him. In first sight not much different from any other maiden, but quicker with a bow and fiercer in spirit than he had ever seen. “Whom it is that dwells here in the golden woods of my kin?” he asked. “Who wishes to know?” she replied after a short silence. He looked at her face, rudely staring back at his, showing no sign of being intimidated. This was indeed a different maiden than what he was used to. “Gilgirith, son of Gabilgadil, Lord of Lothlorien”. “And who is this maiden that so rudely invaded our lands?”

She looked at his face, the question ringing in her head. “Who was this maiden”? She could not tell who she really was, for her name would surely be recognized. He looked at her with a send of amazement. Probably wondering why she wasn’t playing the maiden in need. The longer she thought about it, the more it seemed only fair to give him what he wanted, a maiden in need. “She goes by the name of Elendé.”, she finally replied using the name she used before when she was in need of it. “I hale from Mirkwood. I was wandering on the beautiful fields of Loeg Ningloron, where I often wander, for the sunrise is nowhere prettier, when the dark come to me. I entered the woods for shelter.” She looked again upon his face, searching for a sign of understanding, and saw his face soften a bit. She always had been a good liar. A valuable skill in her situation, though she could not hide her true characteristics, she could hide her identity. And that was what counted at the moment.” Very well”, he said. “Come and let me take you some place more safe. Though it has been long since orcs and other foul creatures walked freely on these lands. It seems to me the darkness it yet growing again”. He signaled her to follow him and stood there waiting when she did not make any intentions to do so. She hesitated. She had never been long among elves before. But she longed for her kin, companions and the lands her mother hailed from. And the Tale of Rómenwen and Amarthwen, had slowly sunken away in forgot ness, for no one knew how it had ended and how the child that could lead Middle Earth in a third darkness had turned out to be. For the ones that had that knowledge had left Middle Earth to his faith, to set foot on the shores of the undying lands.

She followed him, holding a small distance between them, leading her horse forward, tracking his every move. She was on her guard, although more loose than even minutes ago. He wondered why he had offered to give her shelter. It had been a long time since the people of Lothlorien had offered shelter to any other than their own. It was not in his character to take strangers in like that, but something in her glare showed enormous pain and suffering that made him pity her, made him curious to what laid behind the hardness of her eyes.

He stopped a while later. It was fully dark now. Garad Garathlas was still far away; they would have to spend the night in one of the many old watch trees. Most of them had been abandoned for a long time, only occupied by his kin when traveling far out of the city. He however loved to spend the night in these trees, watching the stars though the roof of the trees, in all the peace and quiet. It was his way to escape the burdens of being heir to the throne of Lothlorien. He climbed up the ladder, leaving his secret troubles on the ground.

She followed him up the ladder, leaving Isil to graze on the ground. Lothlorien, the birth lands and of her mother, the lands of her kin. The beauty of the forest was indescribable, though stories tell its beauty was even greater in the beginning. For the first time she understood why her mother had longed to look upon these lands again. Though it wasn’t her birth land, she felt like she couldn’t feel anymore home at any other place again. She spend the night gazing at the stars, watching the elf that called himself Gilgirth, fall in his shallow sleep, wondering what the new day would bring.

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