The story of Nessa, Calanor and Jenna – Chapter 1

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There are two elves in a place called Rivendell. There names are Nessa and Calanor . Nessa has Dirty Blonde hair down to her waist, Grey-blue eyes and she always wears a silver locket. Calanor unlike most elves has short hair. He has Blue green eyes and always wears a golden ring with a blue stone on it. He also can’t see half as good as most elves. These two elves are both 1112 years old and have been friends since they were 400 years old. They also both have a thirst for adventure. Their thirst will soon be quenched.

The two friends are out walking. They hadn’t been walking long when they hear a noise behind them.
” what’s that noise? ” asks Nessa
They turn around to see five Goblins about fifteen feet behind them. They start to run for they have no weapons with them. They run for about 10 minutes. The goblins follow them. They turn a corner the goblins are just out of site they see a old oak tree with a hole in it, just big enough to fit through. The run over to it and go in side.

When they got inside they expected to be squashed but it turns out there is quite a lot of room. It smells musty and barky. They can’t see anything except for a bit of sunlight streaming through the hole from which they entered. Then there is a flash of light and they are no longer in the dark oak tree but in a room.

The room is painted Blood red and there are posters of actors and bands covering most of the walls. In on corner there is a CD player, In another corner there is a computer and in another corner there is a desk piled up with papers. In the middle of the room there is a bed and on that bed is a 14 year old girl. The girl has hair down to her waist dyed black with purple and blue highlights. Her original eye color is green but at this time she is wearing eye contacts to make her eyes black. She has three piercings on each ear. She is wearing blue jeans and a black sweater. She has a silver bracelet on and a golden ring with a blue stone on it just like Calanor’s.

The two elves stand there memorized by their transportation and the modern technology that they have never seen before. The girl is the first to speak.

” Who are you and how did you get here? ”

” My name is Calanor and this is my friend Nessa. And we honestly don’t know how we got here. Who are you? asks Calanor

” My name is Jenna ” says Jenna.


Sorry it was so short. If anyone has suggestions for a better name please let me know! [I/]


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