The Story of Morwen – Chapter One

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Morwen walked into the courtyard. It was cool out but it didn’t bother her. She was looking for Arwen, her sister. She was needed by her father, Lord Elrond. She didn’t know why, she just knew that he said to her, “Morwen, go find your sister, it is urgent.” So as She walked through Rivendell she heard a couple of elves talking.

“Do you think it is true?”

“I’m sure of it.”

“If it is true, what would we do about it?”

“I don’t know, exile her or…”

Morwen didn’t hear any more of it because she walked even faster. She knew who they were talking about……her.

Long ago, when Morwen was old enough to understand, her father told her,
“Morwen, if anyone, anyone at all, finds out that you are not really my daughter…”

“What? What will happen?” She had asked so eagerly but so scared at the same time.

“They may do something terrible, I don’t know what exactly, but all I know is that it won’t be easy for you.” he said.

Morwen remembered that feeling when she heard the answer. It was a cold feeling, deep inside of her. She had that feeling now, she had to find Arwen and get back to her father.

Moments later, she found Arwen, in the stables. Arwen was always in there with the horses, she loved the animals.

“Arwen, father needs you, it is urgent.”she said.

“What? Why? What’s wrong?”Arwen asked anxiously.

“I wish I knew, but all he said was to find you because it is urgent.” Morwen replied.

Together they ran back to their father’s study, where they found him sitting waiting for them.
“You are late.” He said.
“We are very sorry father, I couldn’t find her.”said Morwen out of breath, running wasn’t for her.
“Yes father, she is right, I was in the stables.” Arwen said backing up her sister.
“I understand that. Please, sit down.” Elrond said with the greatest of ease.

Together, the sisters sat down and waited for what their father was going to say. It seemed like eternity before he spoke again.
“Morwen, as you know, there are rumors going around.”
“Yes father, I know. They are about me.”
“What rumors? Arwen asked, obviously she hadn’t been filled in.
“There are rumors going around that they are planning to exile your sister, Morwen.” Elrond said a little shaky.
Arwen looked at her sister with tear filled eyes and said, “Why? What have you done?”
“She has done nothing wrong, Arwen.” Elrond said, “You know that she is not really your sister, right?”
Yes father, I knew that, but what does that have to do with anything about exiling my sister?!” She was beginning to get angry.
Morwen finally spoke, “Arwen, that is why they want to exile me.”
After the shock had settled down, Elrond rose and said, “Let’s eat and release our mind from worry.”

Together the three of them walked into the dining hall. It was loud and crowded. Elves were everywhere They sat down around the long table and ate. Morwen noticed that everyone was watching her at times.
After dinner, she went to her room and wondered what she could do about the rumors. The only way she thought of was to talk to her father.

“But father, I need to get away from it all. It is getting to me. Can’t you do something?”

Her father considered this. He knew this wasn’t a good thing for Morwen. He finally decided that it was best to send her to Lorien.

“Morwen, the only way I can see to get you away from all this is for you to go to Lorien. And if you are to go there, you must go now, at the cover of darkness. So, will you go?” He stared into her dark eyes waiting for the answer.

“Yes father, I will go.” She replied. She gave a hug to Elrond and ran to the stables. Arwen saw her so she followed her.

“Where are you going?” Arwen asked Morwen.
“To Lorien. I must stay there until the rumors die down.” She said. Then she turned to Arwen, and gave her a hug. “I’ll come back, Arwen, don’t worry about it.” and got on her horse and rode away into the night.


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