The Story of Morwen – Chapter 2 ~ Love in Lothlorien

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Chapter Two
Love in Lothlorien

Morwen stopped at the edge of Lothlorien. Long has she come to this place to visit Galadriel and Celeborn, her grandparents, or so she was told that they were. Now she doesn’t even now if she even belongs anywhere in Middle-earth anymore. She entered into the City of Lorien and is confronted by the busyness of the city. It was busy, but comforting. She found her way to the Hall of her grandparents. There was something different about this place now that the reality that this wasn’t really her family or so she made herself think.

“Morwen?” she turned quickly around, It was Galadriel.

“Grandmother!” she said with great difficulty. Morwen ran up the steps to her.
“What brings you here, Morwen? Is everything alright?”
Morwen looked at her dirt covered boots and said softly, “The people of Rivendell want me exiled, grandmother.”
“Exile! Never! What for? I will not let that happen!”
“It is because I am not Elrond’s daughter, Grandmother.” Morwen had never called her father by his first name before, and it shocked both Galadriel and herself. This signaled to Galadriel that she was not in the mood to talk about it so she quickly changed the subject.
“You look like you have traveled clear across Middle-Earth, look at your clothes! Lets get you changed.” Galadriel led her to a room and gave her a new garment for her to wear. Morwen put it on and to her surprise it fit perfectly. It was a midnight blue garment with silver cuffs. She was ready for the feast.

She walked into the dining hall at Lorien. This one was very different than the one back at Rivendell. It was smaller and it wasn’t as crowded. There was a calm air around this dinner table. Every one just sat and ate. Morwen quickly noticed someone. He was sitting towards the end of the table and looking right at her. She looked away quickly and blushed.

Later that evening, Morwen was outside looking up at the stars. She heard someone come up behind her. She turned around and it was Haldir.

“Do you mind if I join you ?” he asked with the greatest of politeness.

“Why, of course not,” Morwen said.

“My name is Haldir. May I ask yours?”

“My name is Morwen. Pleasure to meet you, Haldir.”

He then asked if Galadriel was her grandmother. She sighed and said, “I’m not quite sure who is my grandmother. I do not even know who I am.”
“What do you mean by that, Morwen?” he asked.

“See, I am an orphan. My parents were killed when I was very young. Lord Elrond took me in and from then on I have been his daughter. Except that no one in Rivendell knew that I really wasn’t his daughter. So there was a rumor going around that I was adopted and that they would exile me just because of that.” After her explanation of her life, Haldir spoke, “Oh, I see, that you are troubled. If you would like for me to leave, I will.”
“Oh, no, please don’t. It has been so long since I could confide in someone and not worry about the consequences.” She sighed and looked at Haldir, who was looking right back at her.
“Would you like to go for a walk, my lady?” He finally asked.
“Yes, I would love to.”she said with a smile.

They walked together till the late hours of the night were upon them. “Do you think we should go back, Haldir?” Morwen asked.
“It is your choice, Morwen” he replied. She then turned around and started walking back to the courtyard. Haldir followed her lead. When they finally reached the courtyard, he said to her, “Quel esta, Arwenamin.” It was then Morwen realized that there was something about Haldir, something that she couldn’t explain. It gave her a warm feeling deep down inside of her. Morwen smiled and walked into her room.


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