The Sorceress – Chapter 5 – Secrets Revealed.

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Hèbe set out immediately towards Cerin Amroth. She knew that there she would find people, who will be glad to help her. She walked quickly, aided by the wind that blew in her back, making her feel lighter.

Shortly, she found herself in Cerin Amroth. At the roots of a great tree stood an elf. Hèbe turned to him and said, “go quickly to your lady, and tell her that Vaeterliel has come to visit.” The elf nodded sharply and climbed the tree. Hèbe smiled at the sight. He wasn’t climbing, but flying, and he would merely push himself up from time to time.

The elf disappeared into the vast Tallan near the treetop, and shortly came back down in a rush. Appearantly he was ordered to go back down as quickly as possible. “The Lady,” he panted, “is asking for you to ascend immediately.”

Hèbe smiled and climbed the golden ladder that appeared, dangling from the entrance to the Tallan. As soon as she entered, her gaze fell unto the two elves that were awaiting her. They were divine, the fairest creatures Hèbe has ever seen. But their expressions… sheer anxiety was expressed in them. “Come,” said the beautiful woman (elf) and turned her back to Hèbe, stepping quickly towards a hidden door in the wall.

Hèbe didn’t understand. “Galadriel,” she started in puzzlement, but Galadriel inerrupted,

“No time now, Hèbe. stay here.”

Hèbe entered the dark room. “Oh, Vaeteriel,” she heard Galadriel’s voice outside the door, “pleace be quiet. You are not here.”

Now Hèbe realized what was so urgent. Speaking voices were heard, a voice that sounded like the elf at the roots of the tree, Celeborn, Galadriel, and after a pause… Hèbe wasn’t sure but she couldn’t mistake that voice for any other.

“Lady Galadriel,” said that voice.

Galadriel’s voice replied, “welcome, Aragorn son of Arathorn.”

Hèbe leaned against the wall and slid down to the floor. “Not you,” she thought, “not now…” She looked at the door, barely overcoming the temptation to kick it open, to join him. She closed her eyes and caged her breath, listening.

The members of the fellowship each introduced themselves. Finaly, Legolas said, “another friend was with us, but – “

“Yes,” said Aragorn loudly, glancing at Legolas, “It was Glorfindel, but Elrond descided that he will fo more use in Rivendelle than here with us.”

The rest of the conversation floated past Hèbe’s ears. She had no interest in it. He didn’t want Galadriel to know of her – but why? Of course, it was useless – she was Galadriel’s oldest friend. He might have… No.

Hèbe shook her head, as if intending to shake off the thought. She sighed, noticing that the voices stopped. Now she heard steps… The door opened. Celeborn was at the entrance. Hèbe stood up and followed him. He led her to a beautiful room, with a green sofa. The walls were carved with miniature paintings. On the sofa, Galadriel was awaiting. Hèbe sat beide her, joined by Celeborn.

At first they were quiet, but then Hèbe started talking. She told them everything: How she got there, her meeting with the fellowship, her conversation with Gwaihir, and most of all… most of all, her feelings to Aragorn. When she finished, they were silent again.

“You will stay here,” said Celeborn, “until the fellowship leaves. Beware, don’t let them see you. You will continue your journey later.” At this he stood up and strode away, leaving the two friends alone.

They stayed there, talking into the night. When Galadriel departed, telling Hèbe that this room is for her, Hèbe still wasn’t tired. She climbed down the ladder again, in search for the sleeping fellowship…

Aragorn couldn’t sleep. He lay still in his place, thinking… He heard the swish of dry leaves. Someone approached him. He felt something jentle touching his face, but he didn’t dare to move. He opened his eyes slightly, but not in a way that would be noticed. Then, not being able to keep back his surprise, he opened them widely. It was her.

“I… I thought y – you were asleep…” Hèbe whispered, stuttering. She sprang on her feet and sprinted away. Aragorn followen her for some time, but he couldn’t challange the wind at the peaks of its speed. He stopped and called after Vaeteriel, “wait, Hèbe!” Hèbe didn’t reply, but she kept running. “My love,” said Aragorn quietly. But Hèbe heard him.

She froze. Slowly, she turned her fair face to him. “No,” she uttered harshly. “No, you don’t.”


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