The Song of Love – Part 9 *companion story to Eltyinuviel*

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As the trumpets were blown, Celewen walked out next to her mother, clad in an almost elven silvery-white, with long, flowing sleeves and a low cut top. Her hair was drawn up into an elegant braid that twisted around on the back of her head. She walked slowly up to the top of the atlas, next to Elfwine and they knelt in unison before King Elessar.

Arwen the ascended up to a podium, and there she started to sing in the ancient Elven tongue. Her voice was beautiful and all of Minas Tirith was amazed, even if some could not understand the words. Her voice was like a waterfall, wind, rolling hills. No one knew how to describe it. Later, it would be named The Song of Love.

As soon as his wife started the song, Aragorn laid hands on the shoulders of both Celewen and Elfwine. “Elfwine son of Éomer Éadig, Crown Prince of Rohan, do you hereby take Celewen daughter of Elessar Telcontar to be your lawfully wedded wife? To love and cherish her, to cleave to no other as long as you both shall live?”

“I do.” Elfwine said solemnly.

“Celewen daughter of Elessar Telcontar, Princess of Gondor, do you hereby willingly take Elfwine son of Éomer Éadig to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and cherish him, to cleave to no other and honor him as long as you both shall live and hear his vow?”

“I hear his vow and accept it willingly. I shalt be bound to one man for eternity and that is Elfwine son of Éomer Éadig, Crown Prince of Rohan.”

“Éomer Éadig, do you willingly accept Celewen daughter of Elessar Telcontar into your household to never abandon her?”

“I do.”

“Then I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss thy bride.” At that moment, Eldarion and Lothíriel set their hands together and kiss the young couple did, long and passionately. Breaking for air, the City clapped as Arwen’s song came to a slow and beautiful ending.

Hand in hand, Elfwine and Celewen slowly drifted down the street to the palace and entered after Aragorn. Once safely inside and away from the large crowd, a toast was proposed by Elboron, but the men dared not start another drinking contest, a wise move on their part.

Celewen soon attacked her mother and asked what song that was, but Arwen evaded her daughter quickly and said only, “That was a sacred song of the Noldor. In the common tongue, `tis called The Song of Love. Now, go join your husband before the nobles of Gondor and Rohan start piling in. They will want to see you together.”

Scowling, Rohan’s Princess complied. Then she though back. Husband. That was a new word to her. Was she really married? Her whole life had just changed with three vows and kiss. Why didn’t she feel any different? She was no longer a maiden! She felt like she should have a big sign over her head saying, “Wife of Elfwine son of Éomer!” With an arrow pointing towards her.

Shrugging, she joined Elfwine just as the nobles started flying in. All of them came to the couple and either knelt with an oath a allegiance or bowed low and kissed her on the hand in a final farewell. She sighed as her and Rohan’s Prince locked eyes, both thinking the same thing. It was going to be a long night.


So? How did you like it? I sort of mixed up today’s wedding vows with a few of my own creation. Please Review!


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