The Song of Love – Part 6 *companion story to Eltinuviel*

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Eomer sat by the camp fire with a lit pipe. He often went amongst his men like this, so no curious looks were earned from the soldiers. Lothiriel was currently in the royal tent, preferring not to mingle as her husband did. She wished for her rest as well, for they would ride to Minas Tirith with the sun upon it’s rising. Eomer sighed. ‘Might as well get some sleep before I have too much weed.’ he thought. The King then joined his wife as she dismissed her attendants. It would be a long day.


Huor was not a man easily taken by surprise. In fact, he could count on one hand just how many times it had happened. This, however, was certainly something he would be adding to his list. There was a company of riders approaching the City from the north. They were to far away for him to see their banner, but he deemed them foes. What else could they be? “Hithlum!” he ordered, “There are riders approaching from the north. I cannot see their device, but I deem them foe. Alert the King! Quickly!” At that, Hithlum ran off to inform his King of these ‘foes’.


Aragorn and Faramir both felt like they could sleep for a week. With their wives going genuinely crazy over the wedding at the over whelming work that came with it, the last thing they needed to worry about was a threat from the north. However, when Hithlum burst in unannounced, that was just what they got. “M’lords!” the guard cried. “Riders from the north! Their device cannot be seen! We deem them foe!”

Aragorn groaned. This was the last thing he needed. “Faramir, go see for yourself. I will finish up this letter to the Haradrim.” Nodding his consent, Faramir went to investigate these ‘foes’ from the north.


Huor was relieved when he saw the Steward trailing behind Hithlum instead of the King. He had been wrong. Of course, it would go through as a simple misunderstanding, but better safe than sorry. Besides, even though the King was wise and merciful and all that, the less authority, the better.

“M’lord”, Huor began. “It was but a misunderstanding. A host of Rohirrim draws near.” The Prince looked irritated at the most. Huor sighed in relief. He was safe. Actually, he was safe the whole time, he corrected himself. Faramir then proceeded to swiftly scold him about the value of thinking before acting and returned to his weary King.


Lothiriel smiled merrily as the breeze blew her hair back. She was remembering her days back in Dol Amroth, back when she had pined to be free of this Gondorian cage, but now, she was overjoyed to be back in it. They were expected it seemed, as the guards opened the gates for them without question. She did not wonder, though. King Elessar had a knack for knowing about things like this. As a stable boy relieved her of her stallion, she felt Eomer take her arm as they descended into the Gondorian palace and was greeted by everyone from Elboron to Elfwine.


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