The Song of Love – Part 5

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Celedoron had been riding at an unforgiving pace for three days. A few minutes ago the messenger had finally reached Edoras and was currently being taken to Eomer, the King of Rohan. His message was an urgent one, that much he had been told by the Lord Faramir, though he knew not what it was. He then realized that he was about to enter the renowned King’s presence and readied himself as he had done so many times before.

“What goes forth here?” Eomer questioned when Celedoron was before him.

“I come from Gondor bearing a message of utmost importance, Lord.” Celedoron said bowing low and presenting Rohan’s King with the scroll. Taking it, Eomer dismissed him and the guards. He then went to join his wife in the royal family’s private quarters.

“What news?” Lothiriel asked as soon as her husband entered the room.

“Peace, my love! I have yet to read it!”

Uttering an oath that no lady should even hear, let alone say, she ripped the scroll from her husband’s hands in frustration and broke the seal with a dagger of Eomer’s. She swiftly read it before her husband could even get a glance and then she spoke no word, but her eyes were alight with a hidden joy as she slowly gave the scroll to her husband.

He snatched it, fearing the worst from his Queen’s silence, but then broke into a smile as his heart lept in joy. Aragorn had said yes.

“Come, lady, should we not begin our ride to Gondor?” Eomer finally broke the silence.

“Indeed, that would be wise.” Lothiriel responded. “I cannot wait to see this new daughter of mine.” she said, regaining her usual happiness. Everything had been made ready weeks ago. They were prepared to ride at moment’s notice, and that they did.


Aragorn, Elfwine and Celewen had just returned from ordering a large feast in three days, when the Rohirric party would arrive. They had gone together because Aragorn felt it right that the bride and groom should both have some place in the preparations for the wedding, yet there was less doubt when the King himself gave the orders. They had done it immediately so that it could be over with before the young couple was spirited away to be fit for their wedding garments.


Celewen had to be almost dragged by her mother and Eowyn to the royal tailor since she had heard so many horror stories about the process from Thorwen who trailed behind the girl to keep her from running away, for she had joined Arwen and Eowyn in their plans. Celewen prayed to whatever Vala up there listening that this experience would be no where near as dreadful as her sister-in-law made it sound.


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