The Song of Love – Part 4

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Ariwen looked up into her husband’s eyes. They had long since abandoned their mild love making and were currently walking in the royal gardens when they heard a scream followed by fits of laughter. Alarmed, the couple raced towards the direction of the sounds. What they found was a scene so funny that it would make Morgoth erupt into a fit of giggles.

Ariwen’s father, Eldarion and Elfwine were all laughing hysterically, Thorwen was urging Celewen to run and and Celewen was currently being advanced opun by the Queen of Gondor and Lady of Emyn Arnen. Elboron found his voice first. “What is happening, my friends, if I may be so bold as to ask.”

After a moment, Gondor’s king had recovered and replied, “I believe that should be asked of Celewen and Elfwine, my son.”

Confused, Ariwen addressed the Crown Prince of Rohan. “What transpires here?”

Having recovered as well, Elfwine answered, “Celewen and I are to be wed in two weeks time and the Lady Queen and my father-sister* desire to ready her for the wedding, but the princess Thorwen warns her sister to beware, for she claims that being readied for a wedding is a horror beyond comprehension.” he said all at once with a completely straight face.

Ariwen blinked. She never knew that the son of Eomer could be so confusing. She finally amended her silence by saying “I see….” though she truly did not understand a word.

Elfwine smiled wryly. “It is very tempting to do that to the unsuspecting and I fear that this time I have at last succumbed to my desires.”


Faramir strode toward the soldier barracks. He had figured that he might as well carry out his King’s commands so that he could join the royals and more importantly his wife in whatever mischief the small group had cooked up in his absence. Giving the scroll he carried to one of Minas Tirith’s most trusted messenger with strict instructions to give this to the King of Rohan and no other unless it be his wife, the Lady Lothiriel, he started the search for his King.


Lothiriel was fretting. She knew that her reason did not make since, but as a mother, she could not help but fret. She was afraid for her son Elfwine. What if his betrothed or Elessar turned him down? What if he had been injured somehow? What if his company had become lost? What if he was dead? All of these tragedies raced through her mind, yet she had no cause to worry. Her husband was trying to calm her, but to no avail. Elfwine had been on many a journey to Gondor, there were no lurking Orcs left in the south of Middle Earth and Celewen loved her betrothed so much that she would no doubt die for him while Aragorn had better sense than to turn the couple down. With that reasoning, Eomer had tried to convince his wife that no tragedies what so ever had assailed their son. To do so, however, would be harder than convincing Eomer not to kill his sister’s husband.

*Father-sister: A term in Rohan that is equivalent to Aunt


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