The Song of Love – Part 3

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Aragorn was stunned to say the least. Finally, he found his voice anmd said, “Faramir, would you please leave us for a moment?”, even though it was worded as a question, Faramir caught the vieled command and took his leave, bowing low with the perfection that growing up in Denethor’s court gave one.

Aragorn then sighed inwardly. He could not refuse. To do so would be to slight his honor and cause a rift between Rohan and Gondor, which was the last thing he needed right now. That was the kingly part of him talking, but his fatherly side would not give up so easily. ‘She is my youngest daughter!’, his mind screamed. ‘She is my child and only sixteen years at that! She should not marry yet!’, but deep down, he knew that he had no choice. They were betrothed. The only reason they ever asked his consent was out of politeness. Even if he said no, they could wed. Finally, he closed his eyes and sighed. “You have my blessing, but what will Eomer say to this?”

It was Elfwine who replied. “My father knows my intentions and currently awaits a messenger, which after he recieves shall gather the Royal Guard and ride to Gondor. He wishes that you perform the ceremony as he is not counted among priests by our people and has not such experience in matters such as this.”

Aragorn cracked a smile at this, catching the vieled admittance that Eomer son of Eomund, King of Rohan and Lord of the Mark, could not conduct a marriage to save his life. He then replied, “It seems that you three have planned far ahead of me. Come, let us find Arwen, Eowyn, Thorwen and Eldarion. I will have Faramir send out a message to Rohan.” With that, they abandoned the study in search of the queen and her companions.


This day was turning out to be very fortunate for Thorwen. Eldarion had not been called to duty once and she was currently taking a walk in the garden with her afore mentioned husband, mother-in-law and Eowyn, the former shieldmadien of Rohan and current Princess of Ithilien. Her day just kept getting better. Then, suddenly, her father-in-law, sister-in-law and Elfwine joined them. Celewen and Elfwine had very large grins on their faces. So large, in fact, that one would think that Sauron had been overthrown once again. That, however, was not the case.

“Celewen and Elfwine have an announcement.”, the king prompted.

Taking the que, Celewen said it this time. “Mother, sister, brother, Lady Eowyn, Elfwine and I are to be wedded in two weeks.”

Silence. That was what met the announcement. Then Arwen and Eowyn plastered two, evil looking grins on their faces and slowly started to advance on Celewen in unison. Thorwen then gasped and said, “Celewen, run! They want to ready you for the wedding! I will not describe to you the horrors that your mother put me through! Run! Run now!”

Celewen, however, was too stunned to follow her sister-in-law’s advice. She just stood there. However, for the three men, Thorwen’s outburst held a far different reaction. They all collapsed into fits of laughter as the four women continued on with their little predicament.


Faramir was shocked. After taking leave of his king he had left for his study in the Steward’s house. He had just recieved a message from a servant sent by King Elessar. He was to send out a message to Rohan about the king’s answer to Elfwine. Thst was what shocked him. The king had said yes.


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