The Song of Love – Part 2

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Celewen let out a small giggle of delight and joined the rest of her family in the throne room. All took their proper places and awaited the royalty from Rohan. They did not have long to wait.

A herald announcing the arrival of the prince came through the large, intricately designed doors. Elfwine and his guard followed, leading a dozen soldiers. Once the herald finally ceased his boring and incredibly long announcement, Elfwine stepped forward and bowed low before Aragorn, kissing his hand. “My lord, I thank you for welcoming my men and I here in Minas Tirith.”

As expected, Aragorn replied, “I will welcome you and your kin always in the White City, as will those who follow in my blood line, Elfwine son of Eomer.” The use of ceremony ended there as the soldiers and Elfwine’s guard were directed to the servant barracks.

Elfwine then sighed in relief and said, “I am glad that is over, I never did like the use of ceremony.”

That sent the occupants of the room into fits of laughter. They ranged greatly, though. Some were roaring and others naught but a soft chuckle.

“Come, let us go to a more secluded area to make merry with old friends.”, Arwen suggested. With that, the group quickly left the throne room and made for the royal family’s private quarters.


Opun arriving in the private quarters, Celewen had openly embraced Elfwine, which sent Gondor’s rulers, Ithilien’s prince and his lady into fits of laughter for the second time that day while Ariwen and Thorwen chuckled softly, Elboron rolled his eyes and Eldarion threw his two cents in by saying, “Get a room.”

At that, Elfwine blushed softly while Celewen grinned evilly and said, “I would give that advice to you and your lady as well, brother. For you should take your own advice if you give it to others, ’tis said.”

Eldarion glared daggers at his sister while Thorwen invented a new shade of red.

The two elder couples couldn’t take it anymore. They left their children to their own devices and the two men departed to their study while Arwen and Eowyn went to take a walk in the garden and catch up on old times.


Meanwhile, Elboron and Ariwen had left for the Steward’s house to gain some much needed privacy. Eldarion and Thorwen had decided to join their mother and Eowyn while Eldarion could still escape the call of duty as King’s Heir. That left Elfwine and Celewen alone to do their own kind of catching up with old times.


“Oh, Elfwine.”, Celewen breathed. The two had just pulled apart from a breath taking kiss.

“Celewen”, Elfwine began. “I have been meaning to ask you this for quite sometime now. Will you marry me? We have been betrothed ever since you were fourteen and I twenty-two. After two years, do you not think that we should be rewarded for our endurance of this long wait by being joined in holy matrimony?”

Celewen’s eyes widened in surprise at this proposal. After a moment, she finally found her tongue and replied, “Love, I am only too eager to be joined with you in life and death, but what will my father say? He already begrudges our union because of our bethothment. What will he say to marriage?”

“When he gave us his blessing, he agreed to marriage. He cannot deny us now.”, Elfwine said with determination.

“Then let us ask him.”


They knew that Aragorn would be in his study with Faramir, poring over maps and ancient texts, so that was where they headed.

Peeking in to make sure that they weren’t interrupting something too important, they found the two men sitting by the fire with lit pipes, chuckling roughly.

So much for the poring over maps and ancient texts part. Rolling her eyes, Celewen pushed the door all the way open. Aragorn and Faramir quickly looked up to see who had intruded opun them. “Yes, Celewen, Elfwine? Is there aught that you need?”, Aragorn asked.

“Actually, yes, there is.”, Celewen said, quickly glanced in Elfwine’s direction just to make sure he took his que.

Elfwine quietly cleared his throat and said, “Sir, I beseech you, Celewen and I would be wedded in two weeks time.”


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