The Song of Love – Part 11 *companion story to Eltinuviel* ***COMPLETE***

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Celewen, Ariwen and Thorwen were all in a very bad mood. All three were in the late stages of their pregnancies and Ariwen was expecting for the next day while Thorwen and Celewen had two more weeks. They also had to be at a feast celebrating Frodo’s birthday. Éomer had allowed Celewen and Elfwine to remain in Gondor until the child’s birth, for safety’s sake. Right when Elboron was about to escort her to the feast, Ariwen felt a horrible, searing pain. It was the child! “Elboron, love”, she groaned, collapsing on a near by chair, “the babe is coming.”

“It is?!” Elboron was scared nearly half to death for his wife. “Come, let us go to the Houses of Healing. I will escort you there and then tell the King why you are absent from the feast and request leave to stay with you.” He said all this in a rush, almost running down the hall with his wife.


“Love, are you sure that you will be alright while I request my absence?”

“Elboron, for the last time, yes! Go and tell my father! I will survive your absence!”

With one last, regretful glance at his wife, the next Prince of Ithilien hurried to find his King.


“My Lord!” Elboron was frantic by the time he reached the King.

“Why the rush, Elboron?” Aragorn said as he turned. Noting the absence of his daughter, Gondor’s King nearly went hysterical. “It is Ariwen, is it not?”

“Aye, My Lord. I request leave to be absent from the feast tonight.”

“Of course you may. I would be absent myself if I had a choice.” Aragorn sighed. “Now, go see if your father wants leave as well.” He ordered.

With a slight bow, Elboron turned to address his parents. “Mother, father, Ariwen is in labor. The King would like to know if you want to be absent from tonight’s feast.”

Éowyn did not hesitate to oblige, nor her husband. “My Lord!” Éowyn called out, “We shall be absent!”

Nodding, the King went back to frantically worrying over his daughter. Valar, he was to be a grandfather!


The labor went on all through the night. Elboron could hear his wife’s agonizing screams. Finally, near dawn, a midwife came to fetch him. “My Lord, the Lady Ariwen has given birth to a son. Would you like to see him?”

Nodding frantically, Elboron followed her. What he saw almost made him cry with joy. His wife was there, smiling, holding a babe wrapped in a thick blanket. Seeing her husband approaching, Ariwen held out the babe, “Name him, Lord. He is your son.”

Elboron shook his head. “No. He is our son. But I will name him, if you will.” He said, taking the child in his arms.

He stood there for what seemed like hours, when he finally said, “Barahir.* His name is Barahir.”

“Barahir. An excellent choice, son!” Faramir and Éowyn had joined the couple.

“Now, give the babe back to his mother or you will suffer the consequences.” Ithilien’s Princess said dangerously.

Gulping, her son gave a mock bow and gave Barahir back to his wife. “I trust that there is a story behind that order?”

Wincing in remembrance, Faramir said, “Indeed, a very long story which brings back painful memories to me.”

“Ah, let me guess.” Ariwen smirked, “Yet another time when your wife has publicly shown her control over the Prince of Ithilen.” By his bowed head, Ariwen knew that she was more than right.


Two weeks later…

Eldarion and Aragorn were outside a room in the Houses of Healing, playing chess. Thorwen was in labor. Eldarion was in much the same state that Elboron had been in. Thankfully, it was in the day time and there was no feast that night. After four hours of no one getting even remotely close to winning, a midwife came for both the King and Prince.

“It is a boy, Majesties.” The midwife curtseyed. “Come, I will lead you to Her Majesty and the child.”

Looking like a couple of starved dogs that had just been offered food, the two men raced into the birthing chamber where that babe was handed to Eldarion with instructions to name him. “We have already picked a name” Eldarion said when his father questioned him. “Elessar II.”** The King of the Reunified Kingdoms was touched.

“Come, I believe it is time that we announce the arrival of the new Prince to the City.” Aragorn said softly.

With once last glance of regret at his wife, the Crown Prince was lead by his father out to announce the arrival of his son to Minas Tirith.


Taking the child in his hands, Aragorn raised him for the entire City to see. “People of Gondor!” The King shouted. “Once again we are blessed with the arrival of a new Prince of Gondor! I present to you Elessar II son of Eldarion, Crown Prince of Gondor!” He then proceeded to bless his grandson before handing the child back to it’s father so that he could give him back to Thorwen, therefore not risking his health.


Three days later…

It was early morning and Celewen had just gone into labor. A messenger had been sent to Rohan to inform Éomer that his grandchild would soon be born. Elfwine was just as frantic as his predecessors, if not more so. By noon, the midwife had come. She was getting a little over whelmed. That was three royal births all within two weeks! “Lord, it is time.” She said humbly.

Elfwine was within the room so fast that no one knew what happened by the time he had the baby in his arms. He then said the name that he and his wife had agreed on. “Théoden.”***

Suddenly, Eldarion and Elfwine had joined him, holding their children, as well. “It seems that the heirs of Middle Earth have finally come together. Elessar, Barahir and Théoden.” Eldarion smiled. The group then left the room quickly, with all three heirs in their arms to start a new life as fathers with their ever abusive wives.


*Barahir is a canon character. I got his name from the Prologue of LOTR where it names Barahir as Faramir’s grandson, the King’s Scribe.

**Elessar II is of my own creation. He comes from my other fic “Eltínuviel”.

***Théoden is also of my own creation. I simply named him after King Théoden because I thought that it would be an appropriate name for an heir of Rohan.


So? How did you like it all? This is the last chapter, but I’ll be starting a companion story soon. Please Review!


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