The Song of Love – Part 10 *companion story to Eltinuviel*

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After a dreadfully boring and embarrassing presentation in front of almost every noble in all of Gondor and Rohan and a feast which any Hobbit would have gaped at, the dancing finally begun. As the guests of honor, Elfwine and Celewen were forced to start to the most complicated dance. Luckily, the Monarchs of Gondor and Rohan soon joined in, followed by other various couples. The ladies were all flocking to Legolas like bees to honey, much to the poor Elf’s distress. Gimli finally took pity on his friend and rescued him with the excuse of “unfinished business”.

“So, Gimli, why did you do that? `Tis unlike you to do so, for you usually take pleasure in my unease.” Legolas questioned his friend.

“I am in an unusually good mood today, Elf. Don’t expect it to last.” The Dwarf griped.

Laughing, Legolas countered, “Maybe I shalt then feed you some Elven wine to keep your spirits up!” He said as he blocked a blow from Gimli.

“And what mischief are you two cooking up back here, if I may ask?” It seemed that Aragorn had finally escaped the dance floor.

“Quietly, Aragorn, quietly! I am hiding from the ladies!” Legolas said feverently.

“Ah! Then it seems I should leave, for they are currently tackling me for a dance. Or maybe I should take you with me?” The King grinned evilly.

“No! Aragorn! Don’t! I beg of you! They’re horrible!” Legolas pleaded.

Aragorn sighed. “Gimli, get over here and give me some help.”

“Gladly!” The Dwarf grunted.

The two then began to haul their immortal friend out to see the ladies, ignoring his futile attempts at freedom.”


“No one ever told me that wedding nights could be so…….well…….boring! Especially if you were part of the wedding!” Celewen complained to her sister.

“Alas!” Ariwen mocked her, “‘Tis a horror beyond horrors, but only until you retire, that is.” She grinned evilly.

Celewen gasped. “Ariwen! You didn’t…….you couldn’t have…….but how…….”

“We failed, but not for lack of trying.” The Princess of Ithilien grinned. “I highly suggest that you convince that man of yours to do it as soon a possible.”

Blushing like wildfire, Celewen scolding her sister. “Ariwen! How could you even suggest…….”

The soon-to-be mother did naught but laugh.


Surprisingly, a few hours later, Elfwine was the one that brought the matter of retiring up. “Celewen…….do you want to…….you know…….”

Immediately catching the meaning, Celewen blushed. “Er…….of course……come, let us ask leave of my father.”

“Do we have to?” Elfwine yelped.

“Yes, however unfortunate, it must be done.” His wife said coolly.

“Fine, but you are doing the talking.”

“I think not. You are the man, therefore the duty falls to you.” Celewen smiled brightly as her husband grumbled.

The couple strolled over to where the King of Gondor was talking with Éomer and Faramir. Aragorn looked up when they came over. “Yes?” He asked innocently.

“Er…….My Lord…….could Celewen and I please have leave to retire for the night?” He managed.

Aragorn was surprised that the young man had plucked up the courage to say it. “Of course.” He and Éomer said at the same time, both knowing exactly what Elfwine meant. Unfortunately, however, the young couple had raced away before they could see that two quickly exchanged looks of humor on the King’s faces. But bed did not necessarily mean sleep…….


“Elfwine…….do you want to…….you know…….” Celewen said, red faced when they reached Elfwine’s quarters.

“Um…….sure…….” Her husband blushed quickly.

On this night, more than one couple succeeded in the matter of children…….


“Thorwen…….” Eldarion started, “Do you want a child?”

“Indeed I do. I wanted to ask you the same thing!” She said surprised.

Eldarion grinned. “Then I see no reason why we should wait one moment longer.” He said as his wife quickly discarded her garments.

“Let us not keep each other waiting then.” She said in a silky, low, seducing voice as she took over the bed and made him follow her example of garments.

“No indeed, my love, no indeed.”

It seemed that Faramir was not the only soon-to-be grandfather.


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