The Song of Love – Part 1

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Celewen stared up at the night sky. Was that really her great-grandfather, Earendil the Mariner up there? That bright star up there, was she really related to it? She supposed so. After all, it was what she had been taught. She couldn’t prove that what the history books said was a lie. Her thoughts then turned to the embassy from Rohan that would arrive the next day. Elfwine would be with them. She had taken a liking to him. Too great of a liking in her father’s eyes. She could not see the problem, though. It was not as if she had fallen in love with a stable boy. No indeed, for she had given her heart to Elfwine son of Eomer, Second Marshal of the Mark and Crown Prince of Rohan. If her father approved of her sister, Ariwen’s, marriage to Elboron son of Faramir, the heir to the Stewardship and Princedom of Ithilien and her brother, Eldarion’s, marriage to a farmer’s daughter from Ithilien, Thorwen daughter of Thoryon, why could he not approve of Elfwine’s courtship of her? Of course, she had his blessing, but grudgingly. When would her father, the great Aragorn Elessar, finally open his eyes and see the love the two held for each other?

She was drawn back to the real world by her maid, Morwen, entering with a new days change of clothes. Celewen quickly glanced up at the sky and found that it was sunrise. She realized that she had spent far too long dwelling on her thoughts.

“M’lady?”, Morwen asked cautiously. She knew how Celewen was greatly startled when someone interrrupted her thoughts. However, Celewen did not jump as was expected, but calmly turned around and smiled.

“Good morning, Morwen. Before you ask, I will not be requiring anything else today, so you may take your leave.”

Morwen smiled as well. The princess knew her better than anyone else in all of Gondor. “Very well, M’lady.”

Upon Morwen’s departure, Celewen quickly got dressed and ready to greet her betrothed.


Thorwen was woken by Eldarion shaking her and yawning at the same time. She was surprised he was awake. He usually slept like the dead. “No good morning kiss?”, Thorwen teased him, forming her lips into a pout.

“Oh, alright, sometimes I think I spoil you, Eltinuviel.”, he jested. Nevertheless, their lips met in a passionate kiss.

“Ahh. That woke me up. Did it you, darling?”, Thorwen cooed. This had been their daily ritual for two uears now, and by no means was the young couple tired of it. Indeed, this had been going on ever since the day after their marriage.

“Indeed it did, my Eltinuviel.”, Eldarion had never stopped using that nickname for her and she wasn’t about to complain. Then she remembered. It was the day that the embassy from Rohan was coming.

“Today is the day.”, she sighed. “Celewen will be ecstatic.”

“My love, I was afraid that you had lost your memory again. When it comes to Celewen, ecstatic is an understatement.”


Aragorn and Arwen ate their breakfast side by side in the great hall. Suddenly, Arwen sighed. “What a cruel fate that has been placed upon us, love. Why must all of our children and in-laws sleep like the dead?” When she said all, she included Ariwen and Elboron as they were visiting from Emyn Arnen along with Faramir and Eowyn to greet the embassy from Rohan.

“My dear lady”, replied Aragorn, “dead is an understatement. For even the dead were awakened once.” He, of course, was referring to the host of the dead in the Paths of the Dead long ago.

“Alas, you are correct, love.”

“Maybe the married ones sleep not.”, Eowyn cut in grinning evilly.

“Eowyn!”, Faramir groaned, blushing lightly at his wife’s intentions with the phrase.

As if on que, all five of the ‘children’ burst into the hall, slightly out of breath. All five then quickly muttered an apology for their tardiness.

“You are late.”, chorused the two older couples.

“It seems as if you are proved wrong, lady.”, smirked Aragorn at the head of the table. Other than Eowyn, he was the wittiest of the four.

Just as Celewen, Ariwen, Thorwen, Eldarion and Elboron began breaking their fast, a messenger burst into the hall, slightly out of breath and announced the arrival the embassy from Rohan.


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