The Slave

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Kaleniel started to whimper in her crib. “Now she’s awake.” Saywen laughed as she lifted the baby out of the cradle. “How about, since she is awake, we go see Beleg. Unless you don’t feel up to it.” He worriedly looked at his wife’s slightly pale face. “I feel fine, don’t worry about me.” “But I do worry.” Legolas smiled. “You are hopeless.” Laughed Saywen. “I know. Lets go.” He opened the door for her. Saywen quietly held Kaleniel as they walked to the balcony where Beleg spent most of his time.

Beleg turned when he heard someone approach. “Beleg, this is Saywen, my wife, you probably remember her. And this little lady is Kaleniel, our daughter.” Legolas forced the words out. He tried to sound happy but he choked. “Sorry he did not come home sooner, he was more worried about me than himself.” Saywen nodded meekly. Beleg stared at the baby strangely. “Saywen, give her to me.” Legolas lifted his daughter out of her mother’s arms. The prince strode to where his best friend was standing. Beleg slowly lifted his hand to the baby’s face. He gently stroked her face and a small smile appeared on his face. “Want to hold her?” Legolas questioned. The captain’s face showed a hint of joy as Legolas placed his daughter in Beleg’s arms. Kaleniel looked up at Beleg for a while before giggling and pulling on his crow black hair. Beleg’s face lit up with delight at the sound of her quiet laugh. “She is beautiful.” He said slowly. Legolas stared at Beleg in surprise. “Yes, she is.” Beleg turned his head and looked straight at Legolas. “Where have you been?” “Where you left me.” Legolas choked. “They said you had gone.” “I know. I was their slave.” “And you married one.” Beleg looked at Saywen hatefully. “She is an Elf, Beleg.” The captain stared at Saywen in surprise. “An Elf?” “Yes.” Legolas replied. “I ask your forgiveness, Milady.” Beleg bowed his head to her. Saywen walked up to him and lifted his chin with two fingers. “It is given. And it is just Saywen.” She smiled. “All right.” Beleg grinned happily. “Now, Beleg, if I am not mistaken there are four people who will be thrilled to know that you are now yourself again.” Laughed Legolas as he took the baby out of the captain’s arms. Beleg dashed out of the room to find his wife and three sons.
Saywen looked at Legolas’s beaming face. “He must love children.” “Oh he does.” Legolas smiled as they walked back to their room. “Legolas, how old is his youngest?” “Three. But he is smart!” Legolas laughed. “He shows great potential with the bow. And the way he swings that stick! He will be a goods swordsman as well.” “That must make Beleg proud.” “It does.” “What is his name?” “Celemir. You will love his wife. Imbehir will love to see Kaleniel. They have three sons. Celemir is the youngest. Silinde is the middle and Galdor the eldest. She had two daughters but both died at birth.” Legolas commented as he opened the door to their living quarters. “Come, my wife, you are still weary. Sleep, I will watch Kaleniel.” Legolas lifted his daughter out of Saywen’s arms. Saywen nodded and walked into their room. When Legolas checked on her an hour later she was sound asleep.

Saywen slept until dinner when she was awoken by Legolas trying to quiet Kaleniel. “Need some help?” she asked from the doorway. “Sorry did I wake you?” “Yes, here, give her to me.” Saywen lifted the baby into her arms gently. “I didn’t mean to wake you.” Legolas apologized as he gently kissed her forehead. “It’s all right, I needed to get up anyway.” Kaleniel slowly fell asleep as her parents talked. “She’s asleep.” Legolas smiled. “Yes, finally.” Saywen smiled back weakly. “Are you still tired?” Legolas anxiously looked at Saywen. “Not tired as such, just weak.” Legolas took the baby from Saywen and laid her in the cradle. Then he bent and lifted Saywen into his arms. He walked back to their room and carefully laid her on the bed. “Get some more sleep.” He commanded. “I will be fine! Don’t worry.” She argued and tried to sit up. The prince placed a firm, but gentle, hand on her shoulder and pushed her down. “Saywen, please, rest.” “Legolas I am fine!” “I love you, please. I do not wish to live without you.” “What are you talking about? Yes I am strangely weak but that doesn’t mean I am going to die.” Saywen almost shouted. Legolas quietly sat down beside her and looked into her silver/blue eyes. “Saywen…” his voice stuck in his throat as tears formed in his eyes. “Legolas?” she asked softly and laid a weak and trembling hand on his cheek. The prince buried his face in her neck and cried softly until he had no more tears left to cry. “What is wrong?” Saywen questioned tenderly and wrapped her arms gently around him. Legolas slowly pulled away but held her at arms length. “When, when my brother was born my mother said the same thing. She was out of bed in a day and was almost back to her normal self in two. But she complained of being weak. One day I came to see my brother and found my mother unconscious on the floor. She never woke up. Please, Saywen. I do not want to loose you as well.” Legolas stuttered through his words. Saywen stared up at him strangely for a moment before throwing her arms around his neck. “Do not worry, My Prince. I will never leave you.” She promised. Saywen slowly relaxed into the depths of sleep.

The next day Saywen met Beleg’s wife and sons. Celemir showed great interest in Kaleniel.
“She is pretty, like a doll.” he smiled innocently.
“Yes, Kali is pretty.” Beleg agreed.
“Kali?” Legolas looked at Beleg strangely.
“You don’t like the nickname I gave your daughter?”
“I never said I didn’t like it.”
“You sounded that way.”
“I did not!” Legolas argued.
Saywen turned to the arguing men and laughed. “Calm down you two! Kali is an excellent nickname for her.” Imbehir readily agreed with Saywen to avoid a fight. Legolas nodded to Beleg but pretended to still be mad at him. “Oh stop!” Imbehir laughed and ungracefully shoved him into a stream that was behind them. Beleg, Imbehir, and Saywen stood by the bridge and laughed all the harder when Legolas pretended to do a dead mans float. Imbehir and Saywen became fast friends and Celemir followed them everywhere trying to get a look at “The Princess Doll” as he called her.

Two years passed and Kaleniel grew into the “Terrible Two” stage. She became a very active baby. Many times Legolas would come home and find Saywen worn out and Kali with much more energy to spend. “Saywen, what if I had Celemir come to entertain Kaleniel while you work?” Saywen’s shoulders slacked and her head bent backwards. “Thank you!” she joked and hugged him gently. “Saywen, Lord Elrond has ordered a council in Rivendel, my father wishes me to go.” “How long will you be gone?” she looked at him worriedly. “I do not know. He says that it is urgent.” “What kind of urgent?” Legolas looked around and then pulled her into the room. “The Ring of Power has been found.” Saywen’s jaw slacked. “Will they have to destroy it?” “Maybe. If they do, I will volunteer to help in any way I can.” “Send word of what happens.” “I will. My father said I must leave tomorrow. Silinde and Galdor are coming with me.” “Be careful.” “I will.” Legolas promised and walked into their room to pack.

The next morning Legolas, Saywen, and Kaleniel stood by the stable. “Come back as soon as possible.” “I will, don’t worry.” Legolas promised and kissed his wife. Kaleniel jumped into her father’s arms and hugged him. “Bye bye, Daddy!” She giggled and gently placed a kiss on his cheek. “Namarie, Kali. Obey your mother, I will be home soon.” “Yes sir!” she laughed and ran off to play with Celemir. Legolas jumped on his horse and rode off toward Rivendel.

After the council in Rivendel Legolas was sitting alone in one of the gardens writing a letter to Saywen; telling her that he was going to be in the company that was going to Mordor to destroy the Ring. Legolas sighed sadly as he thought about how old Kaleniel would be when he came back. The prince of Mirkwood estimated that he would be gone a year if not more.

Saywen, I know you do not want to hear this but I am with the company that is destroying the Ring of Power. That doesn’t sound terrible except I forgot to mention I have to go to Mordor. Frodo, the Hobbit or Halfling, has the Ring Bearer. His three friends, Merry, Pippin, and Sam are accompanying him. Merry and Pippin are his cousins and Sam is his gardener. Two men are with us also. Aragorn, son of Arathorn, a Ranger of the south and Boromir, future steward of Gondor. That is, unless Aragorn takes the thrown. A dwarf also is with us. I do not wish to have Gimli here but I shall endure. Nine companions, what good that will do in Mordor I do not know but I hope we all return. Frodo was stabbed, by the Witch King, on his way from Bree. Without Aragorn he would have died on the way. Arwen, Lord Elrond’s daughter, found them and rode back to Imladris with Frodo. Lord Elrond is a skilled healer. We are all amazed that he lived.
I miss you greatly and pray that I am home within two years time. I will write you when I get to Lothlorien. Tell Kali I love her and think of her every night. May the Valar protect you from any evil that might come to Mirkwood.

When Legolas finished writing he turned to see Boromir standing behind him. Legolas had not noticed the tears that had spilled from his eyes. “Milord Legolas, is something amiss?” “Nay, nothing is amiss.” “Then what are these tears?” Boromir sat on a bench across from Legolas. “Boromir, if you could think up an amusing name for our group if it was fictitious what would it be?” “Hmm… That is a tough question to answer. I guess I would call it: A Hobbit and His Bachelor Baggage Carriers. Considering none of us is married. Why do you ask?” “That is not possible. You see, I am married.” Legolas sighed and wiped fresh tears from his eyes as he thought of Saywen and Kaleniel. “Truly? I would never have guessed. Do you have any children?” Boromir stared at him intently and scooted forward in his seat. “I have a daughter, Kaleniel. My best friend back home nicknamed her Kali.” He smiled. Boromir grinned. “What does her name mean in the Common Tongue?” “Morningstar.” “Does it suit her?” “Yes,” laughed Legolas, “She has us up at the crack of dawn every morning. Plus her eyes look like stars.” Boromir laughed as Legolas went on to tell him of some of Kaleniel’s antics.

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO Sorry that it has been so long. I PROMISE I will try to update sooner. Thank you for your patience.



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