The Slave – Chapter 9

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Sorry It’s been so long guys! My grandma got really sick and we just had to put her in a nursing home. So, I’m bummed. Lucky for you I have the whole story written so you guys get some!! I LOVE ALL WHO COMMENT!!!!!

Chapter 8 She was a little over eight months pregnant when she was awoken by Legolas shaking her gently. “What’s wrong?” “Isondil is going to sneak us out.” Legolas whispered excitedly as he threw on his cloak. Saywen smiled and pushed herself out of bed. “You gonna make it?”

“I’ll be fine, don’t worry.” Legolas slipped his arm around her waist and hurried up the stairs. They had just made it out of the back door when…

Chapter 9

…Lady Hilinia’s voice could be heard behind them. “And just where do you think you are going?” A whip cracked and Saywen felt the all too familiar feeling of her skin being torn to shreds. An arrow shot out of the dark and embedded its self in Hilinia’s hand. She screamed in agony as the Elves stepped into the shadows.

The trip took longer than Legolas had hoped because Saywen was tiring quickly. “Only a little farther, can you make it?” The prince whispered in her ear as he kept her from tripping. “I think I can.” She whispered breathlessly as she leaned on him. After a few minutes Saywen and Legolas could see the trees that they had gone to when they were first married. “Looks the same.” She smiled as they stepped under the weeping willow. “We will rest here tonight.” Legolas led her to the campsite and helped her lie down.

“Legolas?” “Yes, my love?” “Who shot the arrow?”

“Isondil. He won’t be leaving there until his family is brought to justice. But we, my darling, are free.” He sighed and laid his lips on hers gently. Saywen sighed wearily but did not go to sleep. “Saywen, sleep please. We must travel far tomorrow.” Legolas sat down beside her.

“I will be fine.” She laid a hand on her large stomach and sighed. “When will we reach Mirkwood?”

“If we hurry by early next week.” “I will try. I can’t wait to get there.”

“Why? Is something wrong?” Legolas bent over her quickly and placed a hand on her stomach.

“No, but I am due in about a week. This baby won’t hold off forever.”

“I know. But at least you and the baby are free.” “Yes, we are free.” murmured Saywen on the verge of sleep. Legolas gently caressed her face until she was sound asleep.

They traveled on for several days. Saywen was tired but Legolas gently helped her along. By nightfall of the fifth day the woods of Mirkwood were in view in the far distance. “That’s my home.” Legolas pointed to the trees.

“Beautiful.” Saywen whispered in awe.

“Can you make it there?” Legolas looked at her pale face worriedly.

“I think I can.” Saywen was very weary but would not let Legolas see it. “I will not make you go any farther tonight.” He gently helped her to a tree where she could rest.

“Legolas I can continue on.” She sighed quietly.

“Nay, you are weary. Sleep, you shall meet my family tomorrow.” Legolas kissed her gently before standing watch.

After only a few hours Saywen was awakened by Legolas.

“What’s wrong?” she quietly grabbed his arm.

“Orcs, they are nearby.” Legolas thought a minute before continuing. “We will either have to hide or try to make it too Mirkwood.” When he looked into her face he could tell that running was out of the question. “Follow me.” He ordered and pulled her to her feet. They scrambled over some rocks into a small crevice. The two elves stayed there for the rest of the night.

It was late the next day when the orcs stood above the crevice. Saywen was curled up in a corner with Legolas in front of her. The prince had his arms wrapped around her shoulders. The orcs had camped right outside.

“What are we going to do?” Saywen whispered in his ear.

“I’m not sure. How do you feel?”

Saywen smiled at him weakly. “There is a strange pain in my side but I will be fine.” she murmured. Legolas stared at her worriedly. The prince thought back to when his little brother had been born. His mother had said the same thing only a few hours before he was born.

“Saywen, that is what my mother said only a few hours before my little brother was born.” He held her close protectively. Saywen sat there in silence for a long while before grabbing her stomach. She would have screamed if Legolas had not covered her mouth with his hand. Legolas watched helplessly as his wife writhed in pain. When the pain had subsided Saywen looked at him with a terrified look in her eyes. Above them they heard the orcs preparing to move. It took only a few minutes before Legolas could not hear them. When they were gone Legolas pulled Saywen out of the corner and laid her on the ground.

“Saywen, is it time?” “Yes.” She gasped and grabbed his hand.

Legolas carefully removed his cloak and laid it under her head. “All right, hold on everything is going to be fine.” He soothed as pain racked Saywen’s body. His wife stared up at him with fear in her eyes as the pain increased.

I hope you guys like this!!!!


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