The Slave – Chapter 6

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It was dark by the time he finished working. Legolas stumbled wearily to where Saywen slept. The slave girl sat up and readily grabbed his arm when he sat down next to her. “You should have woken me. I could have worked.” She scolded as he laid his head on her shoulder. “I am fine. All I need is a couple hours sleep.” He grumbled. “We need to get back to the house.” She remarked. “Lead the way.” He smiled and pulled himself to his feet. Legolas immediately leaned against her. “Here. I will support you.” Saywen worriedly led him back to the house. “Saywen.” He gasped when he collapsed on the stairs. “I can’t go any farther.” “You have too. Just a little farther.” Saywen tried to pull him to his feet. “Saywen, trust me. I can’t do it.” He sighed. Just then Isondil strode out the door and saw him lying there. “Need some help?” he questioned. “Yes, please.” Saywen begged. Isondil nodded and hoisted Legolas over his shoulder.
Isondil carried him to the room in the basement. He dropped the prince on the cot then stormed out of the room. Saywen turned to Legolas and smiled, he was fast asleep on the cot. His hand was draped across the pillow in front of his face. She gently covered him with the blanket and then went about combing her hair. Her long silky brown tresses were pulled back into a braid that hung down her back. “Saywen.” Legolas’s tired voice reached her ears as she began unwinding the braid. “I’m right here.” She smiled. “Sorry about collapsing the way I did.” Legolas apologized. “There is nothing to be sorry for.” She laughed. Saywen turned when she heard Legolas groan. “What is wrong?” “Nothing.” He smiled thinly. Saywen looked down at his hands and saw the blisters and the cuts all over them. “Here, let me see your hands.” She ordered and sat down beside him on the bed. Legolas sat up and she inspected his hands. The slave girl reached under the bed and pulled out a bag full of herbs. She gently squeezed some salve out of one of the leaves and then rubbed it on his palms. There was some of the blanket left that Legolas used on Saywen so she tore a little more of it off and wrapped it around his hands. “Thank you.” Legolas kissed her gently on the cheek. Saywen smiled and nodded. “You are welcome.” The prince reached up and ran his bandaged hand over her hair. “You are beautiful.” He breathed. Saywen smiled slightly and stood up. Legolas grabbed her hand and drew her back to him. “It may have only been two weeks since I met you but I have fallen in love as I never thought I could again.” Legolas caressed her face gently and then moved his face closer to hers. Their lips touched and Saywen felt a strange tingling down her spine. When they drew apart Saywen could barely breathe. “I am sorry.” Legolas quickly apologized and turned his head away from her. “Milord?” Saywen turned his head to look at her. “I feel the same.” She managed to mumble and laid her head on his chest. Legolas wrapped his arms around her and held her tight.

That next morning Saywen awoke to Legolas leaning over her. That was when she realized that she had fallen asleep in his arms. “Sleepy head.” He smiled and kissed her again. “I am not.” She joked. “Are you sure?” Legolas caressed her face and hair. “Please stop.” She whimpered. “Why?” Legolas drew back and stared at her. “Even if we get out of here would you be able to continue loving me? You are a prince. All I am is an orphan that was turned into a slave.” Tears poured down her face as she tried to pull away from him. “No! I love you. I would willingly give up my kingdom for you.” He cried and held her in his arms. “I would die for you.” “I am sorry.” Saywen apologized. Legolas sat there sadly for a minute before he stood up and walked to the stairs

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