The Slave – Chapter 5

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A week later Legolas and Saywen were jerked awake by the crack of a whip. They looked up and Lady Hilinia was standing over them. “It is about time you fools awoke.” She snarled and cracked the whip across Legolas’s exposed arm. “Come, you two have work to do.” Legolas stood up slowly then pulled Saywen to her feet. Lady Hilinia led them to the barn where rakes and shovels were stored. The field workers were sound asleep on their cots. “You are working out there today. Alone.” She grinned vilely and swaggered back to the house. Saywen groaned and handed a rake to Legolas. “This is what we call punishment.” Legolas took the rake but frowned. “What did she mean?” “Well, the `field’ is actually just a large garden. But the ground is so hard it is almost impossible to grow anything. We are going to be stuck out there all day and we have to weed and cultivate the whole thing before we can stop no matter how long it takes. And with this sun, I believe it is going to get rather hot.” She sighed. Saywen walked out of the barn to a small path. “The field is a long ways from the house, be prepared for a walk.” “Sounds nice.” Legolas smiled innocently when Saywen threw her hands up in the air. “Argh!” The prince wrapped his arm around her shoulders. “Let’s go kill some weeds and pretend it is you know who.” Legolas smirked. Saywen turned to him and smiled.

They had been walking for almost half an hour before Legolas saw the large overgrown garden. “Lets get to work.” He sighed. “You start over there and I will start here.” Saywen commanded. Legolas nodded and walked over to his side of the garden. “I can’t believe this!” he groaned and raked at the weeds for a moment before kneeling and yanking them out.

Saywen had been working for several hours when she started feeling dizzy. She continued working until she felt darkness surround her and she collapsed on the ground. Legolas had looked up from his work in time to see her fall to the ground. The prince dropped his rake and dashed to where she lay. Legolas knelt beside her prostrate body. “Saywen?” he whispered and lifted her head into his arms. A few minutes went by before she began to revive. “Saywen, can you hear me?” “Yes. What happened?” “You fainted. Probably from the heat.” He replied and stroked her forehead gently. “I’m so hot.” She mumbled weakly and rested her head on his arm. Legolas looked at her sweaty face and then down at her dress. It was soaked with sweat. He lifted her up into his arms and carried her to a small tree near the field. “Rest here. I will come and check on you in a few hours.” Saywen nodded off to sleep.

Legolas looked down at her sleeping form and sighed. “I wish I did not have to leave her here.” He groaned and walked back to the field. Legolas grabbed his rake and began working. A man on a horse galloped up a few minutes later. “Well, well. This is nice, a prince working for me.” He sniggered. “Where is the girl?” “She fainted. I let her go rest over there.” He pointed to the tree where she lay. “Ah! I see. Well, your friends came back today wondering where you are. Mother told them that you and the girl had headed back to Mirkwood a few days ago. So now they believe you are dead.” Legolas looked at the man in disbelief. “It’s true. Well, gotta go make the others work too.” He cackled and rode off. The prince jabbed his rake into the ground and started working all the harder.

Don’t you hate their masters? I know this story is kinda off LOTR but it does get better. I had this story on and I was flamed bad! Same with my other story, Rings. Well I hope you have enjoyed this. I will have some more up really soon!



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