The Slave – Chapter 4

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When Saywen awoke in the morning Legolas was asleep

on the floor with his head resting on his arm on the edge of

the bed. “Milord.” She whispered and laid her hand on his

head. “Saywen.” Legolas jumped up from the floor and took

her hand. “How do you feel?” he asked worriedly. “Better than

I would have if I had stayed at the bottom of those stairs all

night.” She smiled. “Now please, listen to me. You must go

back to your room. Lady Hilinia will be furious as it is this

morning without her finding you down here.” Saywen begged

earnestly. “Saywen, I do not fear her.” He brushed her hair

out of her face. Legolas looked closer at her ears and saw

pointed tips. “You’re an Elf.” He breathed and sat down

beside her. “Aye.” She murmured and tried to sit up. “Nay,

do not try to get up.” Legolas smiled at her gently. “Milord,

please. I do not wish you to get caught up in this. If you

remain here you shall become a slave.” “So be it. I shall not

leave you to that woman.” Legolas sighed. Saywen looked up

at the prince and smiled.

The door creaked open and Lady Hilinia stormed down

the stairs. “What are you doing down here?” She demanded

when she saw Legolas kneeling beside the bed. “She would

have bled to death if I had not seen you throw her down

here.” “Leave, she is my servant not yours.” “Slave you

mean.” Legolas retorted hotly. “Isondil! Come down here

please.” She called up the stairs. In response a young man

came rushing down the stairs. “What is he doing here?” “That

is just what I wanted to prevent. Would you please deal out

this man’s punishment?” “Of course, mother.” The man

stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Legolas’s

neck. They two of them fought for almost half an hour before

he threw Legolas against the wall with a resounding thud. The

prince crumpled to the floor in pain. “Isondil, that is enough.

We need a new slave. He will do. Lock them in here together

for a week without food or water. Then we shall see how well

they behave. Oh, and get her another dress, hers is

ripped.” “Yes, mother.” Isondil bowed and went to do his

mother’s bidding.

Isondil came walking into the room carrying a dark green

pullover dress. (Like Eowyn’s dress at Helms Deep) “Put it

on!” he ordered. Saywen took the dress from him and stood

behind some boxes to change. When she came out Isondil

was still standing at the foot of the stairs. “I didn’t want to

hurt him.” He sighed. Saywen stared at him and frowned. “I

beg of you one thing. Help me get him onto the bed.” She

pleaded. Isondil nodded his head and lifted Legolas onto the

bed. The prince groaned in pain as his head hit the

pillow. “Thank you.” She whispered as Isondil left the

room. “Milord?” she whispered and carefully wiped blood and

dirt off his face. “Saywen.” His words were slurred but he took

her hand in his to show he would be fine. “Milord, can you

hear me?” she whispered in his ear. “Yes. Saywen, did he

hurt you?” His fair face was creased with pain but his eyes

displayed worry. “Nay, I am unscathed.” “Thank the Valar.”

He whispered. “Sleep now, Milord.” Saywen brushed her hand

over his eyes. Legolas surrendered to the growing urge to


Legolas awoke later that day to Saywen sitting on the bed

beside him; worry was etched on her face. “Saywen.” He

murmured. “Milord, you are awake.” “How long have I been

sleeping?” “A few hours.” “My head…” “I know. You hit it

against the wall.” Saywen brushed hair from his face. Legolas

pushed himself up on his elbow and smiled. “That sleep

helped.” “Good.” She laughed and helped him lean against

the wall. “Why are you here?” he asked gently. “My parents

were killed out in woods about a mile from here by wargs

when I was a baby. Lord Aethor’s ancestor found me. For one

hundred years I lived happily but then I was made a servant.

And I have been working like this for three hundred years.

The beatings didn’t start until Lord Aethor married Lady

Hilinia. That was twenty-six years ago. Their son, I am afraid,

has turned out just like them.” Legolas looked into her eyes

and saw unshed tears from over the years. The prince took

her hand and drew her close to him. Saywen rested her head

on his shoulder hesitantly. “Do not be afraid.” “But you are a

prince and I am just a slave.” “Aye, but there is no difference

between us. You too could be a princess and just do not know

it.” Legolas looked into her eyes and smiled. “Elves have

different titles but we are all equal.” The prince looked down

at her and smiled, she had fallen asleep with her head on his

shoulder. “Goodnight, fair maiden.” He smiled and wrapped

the blanket around her.

OK, This stinks. But I hope you like it anyway!!!!!


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