The Slave – Chapter 3

by Mar 17, 2004Stories

The next morning Beleg and Elvynd bade goodbye to Legolas and returned to Mirkwood. Legolas lay in silence for almost a week wishing to die but something kept him alive. One night he awoke to screams echoing through the whole house. He heard the crack of a whip and the cries of someone in pain. “I wonder who that is?” Legolas carefully sat up and pulled himself out of bed. He weakly walked to the door and opened it in time to see Hilinia throw Saywen through a door. “You worthless girl! You should be thankful I was lenient!” She slammed the door shut and stormed off down the hall. Legolas carefully made his way to the door; he heard whimpering coming from inside. The doorknob was stiff but it opened silently. There was no light in the room except for a small window in the corner. He guessed this led to a room beside the cellar because there was a long flight of stairs. His stomach flipped when he saw a figure sprawled at the bottom of the stairs. “Saywen!” he whispered and carefully walked down the stairs. When he reached her side she groaned but did not move. “Saywen!” Legolas put his hand on her back but drew it away when he felt a warm liquid. “Blood.” He whispered. Legolas dashed up the stairs to his room to grab the kerosene lamp by his bed. By the time he got back down the stairs a pool of blood surrounded her body. He found an old blanket and laid it on her back. “Don’t hurt me, please.” She groaned. “Hush, Saywen. Lie still.” He soothed and lifted her into his arms. Pain tore through his side but he ignored it until he laid her down on the cot that was under the window. “Milord, Lady Hilinia would be furious if she found you down here.” “I do not care, you are hurt.” “This is normal.” Saywen’s voice was getting weaker as blood continued to flow from the gashes on her back. “I need to stop the bleeding.” Legolas rolled Saywen onto her stomach and gently tore the dress away from her back. The prince turned a deep shade of red when he saw her whole back exposed. But it soon turned to anger when he saw the many scars that she carried. He gently tore the blanket into strips and laid them on the cuts. As soon as he was done the bleeding had stopped on most of them. A small herb bag was on the floor beside the bed. Legolas picked it up and inside found a few leaves of athelas. “Perfect.” He murmured and crushed them into the palm of his hand. Saywen groaned in pain when he sprinkled the leaves onto her back. Legolas wrapped her back in strips of cloth and gently turned her over. The pain was less than Saywen had first guessed it would be. “Go, Milord, please. Do not stay here any longer. Lady Hilinia will be enraged if she finds you down here.” “I can deal with her. You must rest now.” He covered her with a tattered blanket that was at the end of the bed. Saywen reached her hand out from under the blanket and took his. “Thank you.” “You are welcome. When you said this is normal did you really mean that?” “Aye, I get beatings every day. But never like this.”

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