The Slave – Chapter 2

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The riders arrived half an hour later. Lord Aethor ran out to meet them. “Sir, your son told us we would be welcome here. My name is Beleg. My companions and I are from Mirkwood. Our prince has been seriously wounded by a warg, do you have anyone here that is good with healing?” Beleg lifted his prince down off the horse. “Yes one of my servant girls. Follow me.” Aethor led him through the hallways and into a room with a bed on the opposite wall. “She shall be here in a moment.” “Thank you, sir.” Beleg laid the prince on the bed and sat beside him. “Legolas? Can you still hear me?” “Barely. Valia?” The prince looked at Beleg in earnest. “I’m sorry, Legolas. We could not save her.” Beleg removed Legolas’s shirt gently. “She’s dead?” Legolas grabbed Beleg’s shirt with a bloody hand. “Yes,” Beleg replied, “I am so sorry.” Beleg turned toward the door when Saywen dashed through. She collided with Lord Aethor and tumbled to the ground. “Clumsy girl! Get up!” he scolded and yanked her by the arm to her feet. “I’m sorry, Milord.” She whimpered. Saywen walked to the bed carefully. “When did this happen?” Beleg turned toward her and sighed. “Two days ago.” Saywen shook her head and frowned. “I can stop it from bleeding but he is weak. I can promise nothing.” “If you try that will be fine.” He smiled and moved out of her way. “Come, Milord. There is food in the kitchen.” Aethor wrapped his arm around Beleg’s shoulders. “Thank you.” He followed Aethor out the door, leaving Saywen alone with the Prince.
Saywen placed a rag soaked in brandy on the wound. “Oh I hope this works.” She murmured. The prince opened his eyes and stared at Saywen. “Where am I?” “Elglin Manor, Milord.” Saywen responded meekly. “What happened?” “All I know is that your company was attacked by wargs.” “How many men brought me here?” “Two.” “There were ten of us, not including my betrothed.” His voice cracked and tears ran from his eyes. “I am sorry, Milord.” Legolas looked at her and saw a tall girl sitting on the bed beside him. She had thick chestnut brown hair that flowed down her back. Her piercing silver-blue eyes dug into his soul. “I am not worthy to be healed by a lady of the house.” Saywen smiled faintly. “I am nothing but a servant, Milord.” She responded as she laid the cloth on his wound again. The prince sucked in air when she touched the wound. “Sorry.” She whispered as she drew her hand away. Saywen opened a small bag and pulled out some dried leaves. She carefully laid them on the wound and then rewetted the rag in the brandy. The leaves burned but Legolas said nothing. When she laid the rag on the wound Legolas jerked from her touch in pain. “Milord, this is the only thing that will heal this wound.” She murmured and pushed the rag harder into his side. “I wish not to live.” He mumbled through his pain. “You have no family?” she asked as she wrapped the wound in bandages. “I have family, but Valia was my life.” “Milord, please listen. My lady and lord will be furious if you die. I do not know what they would do to me. Or what your friends would do.” “My friends would understand. But, what do you mean about your masters?” Legolas looked at her intently. “They think that I should be able to do this. I know they will be mad if their friends find out that the Prince of Mirkwood died in their house. And they will blame me.” She sighed. “Why?” “I do not know. That is just the way they do things.” “Oh.” “Now, Milord. You must get some sleep.” Legolas consented and relaxed into the depths of sleep.
The slave girl stood up and stepped out of the room quietly. “Well, girl? Will he be alright?” Lady Hilinia asked viciously. “Aye, but his recovery will be slow.” “Good. Go tell his friends.” “Yes, Milady.” Saywen walked gracefully down the hall to where his friends were resting. She knocked on the door softly and Beleg answered. “How is he?” he asked hurriedly and grabbed her arm. “He will be fine. It will be a matter of days before he will be able to travel.” “If we left, in say, a week, would he be ready then?” “It depends how well he mends.” “Beleg?” a voice from the corner remarked “Yes, Elvynd?” “Maybe we should leave him here and the two of us return to Mirkwood and alert his father to what is happening. With orcs and wargs abroad we must warn him.” “Would he be able to stay here?” Beleg turned to Saywen. “I believe so. You would have to take that up with my mistress. When he is well enough one of the servants can accompany him to Mirkwood.” She replied, hoping to have an ally against her masters. “We shall ask her.” Beleg nodded and went to find Lady Hilinia.

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