The Slave – Chapter 11

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Sorry it has been so long since I updated. My grandma passed away a few weeks ago, so my family has been wrapped up in that. I promise I will do better when it comes updating.

The king came back a few minutes later and took the child out of her arms. He carefully laid her in the cradle. “Now, get some sleep. You shall need it.” He laughed. “Thank you, sir. You have been more than kind.” “My six daughters want nothing to do with me now that they are married. I always hoped my sons would find good wives. And Legolas has.” Thranduil gently hugged his daughter and stepped out of the room.

Legolas stopped suddenly and looked at Beleg. He had his back towards the prince and was looking out over the balcony. “Hey stranger.” Legolas laughed. Beleg turned quickly and saw Legolas standing in the doorway. “Miss me?” Legolas paused before walking up to Beleg and laying a hand on his shoulder. “Beleg? Is something wrong?” Legolas gently wrapped his arms around Beleg’s shoulders and embraced his old friend. Beleg’s arms hung limply at his side. “Beleg, what is wrong?” Legolas looked into his friend’s eyes. They showed no emotion, none of the laughter and love of life they had before, just his blank stare. At first Legolas felt that he was looking through him. The prince stared at him in horror before turning and rushing out of the room.

Saywen was asleep on the bed when Legolas came in the door. Legolas walked over to the cradle where the baby lay and gently lifted her into his arms. Kaleniel slept on as her father talked to her gently. The sound of laughter made Legolas turn toward the bed; Saywen was sitting on the edge watching them. “How long have you been awake?” “A few minutes. How was your visit with Beleg?” Legolas turned his back on her and laid Kaleniel in the cradle. “He didn’t know me.” Legolas shook with emotion as he sat beside her. “I don’t understand.” “He just stared through me like I wasn’t there. Beleg didn’t speak. There was nothing in his eyes.” Legolas broke down crying. “Oh my love. I am so sorry.” She soothed and wrapped her arms around him. Legolas held onto his wife tightly and let the tears fall.
A knock at the door startled them. Legolas stood slowly and wiped his eyes on his shirt. Elvynd walked in and smiled at Saywen before laying a hand on Legolas’s shoulder. “You saw Beleg didn’t you.” “Aye, it was like he didn’t know me.” “That is because he didn’t. When we left you we could have sworn you would be fine. Then after a week of you not coming home Thranduil sent us to find you. Lord Aethor said that you had left a few days before that. We searched all the woods near by but all we found were some rags and bloody grass. That was when we thought you were dead. When Beleg saw the blood with your cloak lying near by all tattered and bloody he went silent. He hasn’t spoken since. It is rare that he even acknowledges us. I know for a fact that it broke Beleg’s heart to find out that you were dead.” “Why?” “He is your best friend. I do not know what will happen when and if he snaps out of this. His wife and sons are getting concerned.” “I will try and talk with him again.” “Legolas, maybe if he met your wife and daughter, it just might wake him up.” “I will try that, thanks Elvynd.” The elf nodded and stepped from the room.
Kaleniel started to whimper in her crib. “Now she’s awake.” Saywen laughed as she lifted the baby out of the cradle. “How about, since she is awake, we go see Beleg. Unless you don’t feel up to it.” He worriedly looked at his wife’s slightly pale face. “I feel fine, don’t worry about me.” “But I do worry.” Legolas smiled. “You are hopeless.” Laughed Saywen. “I know. Lets go.” He opened the door for her. Saywen quietly held Kaleniel as they walked to the balcony where Beleg spent most of his time.

By the way, does anyone know when The ROTK Special Edition comes out? I hope you liked this!!!



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