The Slave – Chapter 10

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Recap- “Saywen, is it time?” “Yes.” She gasped and grabbed his hand. Legolas carefully removed his cloak and laid it under her head. “All right, hold on everything is going to be fine.” He soothed as pain racked Saywen’s body. His wife stared up at him with fear in her eyes as the pain increased.

Chapter 10

It was several hours later that Legolas was wrapping his baby girl in his cloak and laying her in Saywen’s arms. “She is beautiful.” Legolas sighed as he sat against the wall. Saywen had been very weak so he helped her sit against him while she held the baby. “She looks like you.” Saywen smiled as she looked up at her husband. “Aye, she does. But she has your eyes.” Legolas kissed the top of Saywen’s head. “Get some rest I will take care of the baby.” “All right.” Saywen lay down on the ground while Legolas held the baby. “I am glad my sisters have children!” Legolas thought as he looked into the sleeping face of his little girl. “Kaleniel.” He sighed. “That is what we will call you. Kaleniel.” The baby looked at him and began to whimper. “Hey, sh, sh. You need to be quiet, Mamma needs to sleep.” He talked to her gently before the baby fell asleep.

The next morning Saywen was still weak but was able to move on. They traveled for two days because Saywen was unable to go fast. Legolas was usually carrying the baby. It was early one afternoon when they crossed the boundary into Mirkwood. “I hope your father doesn’t mind that you married me.” “He won’t” Legolas assured her as they stepped across the boundary. Suddenly three Elves jumped out of the trees and pointed their bows at Saywen and Legolas. Saywen held the baby closer as they looked her over. Another Elf jumped out of the tree and grabbed Legolas by the shoulders. “Legolas? Is it really you?” the Elf cried. “Hello, Elvynd.” “You are dead.” “Nay, they held me as a slave.” “Who is this?” Elvynd looked at Saywen suspiciously. “My wife.” Legolas smiled. “Whoa! What! Your what?” Elvynd gaped. “My wife.” Legolas repeated and put his arm around Saywen’s shoulders. “Well, Saywen, I thought after his betrothed died he would never love another. My guess is this is your child.” “Yes.” Legolas answered for her because she was very weary. “Silinde, go tell the king and Beleg that Legolas is alive and well. Don’t mention his wife or the child.” “Yes sir.” The elf dashed off. “I believe you know your way to the palace.” Elvynd joked. Legolas nodded and steered Saywen in the right direction.
Thranduil rushed out of the palace and embraced Legolas lovingly. “Father, this is my wife, Saywen. And our daughter Kaleniel.” He introduced the two of them. “Well, Beleg said that you were dead. And he never mentioned a girl this beautiful could come from the world of men.” “Nay, father. She is Elven kind. Saywen was a slave by force.” “Then who married you?” “Her master.” “You have only been gone year. She must be a newborn.” He looked at Kaleniel’s red face. “Aye, she was born two nights ago.” “Two nights ago! You poor girl, you make her travel after just giving birth!” “There were orcs crawling all over the place we had to move on or risk being discovered.” “I will take your wife to your room and you shall go see Beleg. I think he is going to burst with excitement when he sees you.” “Yes father. I will be there in a few hours, Saywen.” The girl nodded solemnly and followed her father-in-law down the corridors.
Thranduil opened the door to their room and ushered her in. “Thank you, Milord.” She bowed her head slightly. The king lifted her head gently and looked into her eyes. “Only in public needs you call me that. It is just Thranduil.” Saywen smiled wearily. “Here, let me see my granddaughter.” Thranduil lifted the baby out of Saywen’s arms and looked into Kaleniel’s red face. “She looks so much like my son.” He smiled. “Yes, she is beautiful.” The king looked up and saw the weariness on his new daughter’s face. “Come, my dear. You need to rest. I will leave the baby with you and get the cradle we used for Legolas.” He smiled as she took the child. “Thank you.” Saywen went and sat on the bed, cradling the child in her arms. “Oh my baby, thank the Valar that you will never have to go through what I have.” Saywen smiled at the sleeping child.

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