The Shadow of Lothlorien – Chapter 3–Leaving Home

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Leaving Home

The flames upon Cerin Amroth slowly diminished until all that was left was ash and burnt timber. Daeriul stood isolated, staring at the ruins of her house that lay before her. Her face was torn in grief, and covered in dark Uruk’Hai blood and ash. Her raven hair was matted together but fell behind her, blowing as one in the chilled breeze. Her tears were dried and she had nothing left but sorrow.

A hand fell upon her shoulder and she slowly turned. Haldir’s face stared back at her, weary and sorrowful. She wept bitterly upon his torn shoulder, but no tears came, only sobs that shook through her. It seemed like hours before Daeriul’s sobs dissipated, she then looked upon Haldir, her eyes rimmed red.

“Haldir, pray tell of the whereabouts of my father,” her pleading eyes searched his face but he gave no answer. Her eyes fell to the floor as she accepted the truth, “So he is…gone.”

“Aye,” his voice was quiet and filled with sadness. Daeriul lifted her eyes to Haldir and answered strongly, “Take me to him.”

He nodded in agreement and led her away from her ruined home and to the bloody battlefield. Uruk’Hai and Elves lay a strewn upon the bloodied ground. They pieced there way through the bodies, until Haldir stopped at a particular area. Daeriul saw the body of her father, lying amongst many slain Uruk’Hai.

Arrows pierced his dead flesh, and his face was that of not pain, but of relief. Daeriul bent down to his body, but she could not weep any more, anger surged through her. And she cried out with such a force you would not think that she was weary from battle.

“Atar, Naneth! In the eyes of the Valar, I swear I shall avenge your deaths! Death shall come to those who attacked Cerin Amroth and those who dare challenge the power of the Elves.”

She stood shakily, and turned to Haldir. He was amazed from the power that had come from her voice and of what she uttered.

“Come Haldir, we need to assemble the living, we must be ready to leave Lothlorien by nightfall.”

They departed from the deathly site and talked to any of the living they came upon. They were told to gather all what they could get and meet at the threshold of the city. Before noon came Daeriul went back to the body of her father, she covered him with the cloak that she wore upon her back. She kissed his forehead and covered his face.

She unsheathed her daggers and wiped the soiled blades upon a clean patch of grass. Daeriul drew to the enlarged crowd that stood upon the threshold; they were made up of mostly women and children. Most of the warriors had perished during the battle.

Haldir emerged from the group and approached her, “These are all that was left. There are no more. But, may I ask, where are we to go?”

Daeriul’s face became grave, “Rivendell, we shall find piece and solitude there for the time being. Come now, let us all depart, the road is long and we must be off.”

Daeriul and Haldir led the mourning elves through the threshold in the direction of the West. Leaving the once beautiful city covered in bodies and smouldering timber.

Sorry this is short, I did it during school and I didn’t have enough time


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