The Shadow of Lothlorien – Chapter 2- Fire At Dusk

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Fire At Dusk

The Nimrodel River bubbled along the banks gently, the water lazily moving through Lorien. Daeriul walked along the bank of the river, growing farther away from her home. Her mother’s words clouded her mind, “I do not wish to leave either…but we have to, we have no choice” She shook her head, leaving was the last thing she wanted to do.

Daeriul passed the lookout tree that she had visited earlier, waving at her unseen friends. She continued along and became deep in her thoughts. Time passed quickly and Daeriul found herself on the edge of Lothlorien. She stared across the Anduin River at the vast plains of the Brown Lands. She could see Dol Guldur peaking high above the dark trees of Mirkwood. Daeriul sighed, Mirkwood. She would never flee to Mirkwood if she were forced from her home, the tales she has heard from that dark forest made her shudder.

As her eyes swept across the Brown Lands again, a cold chill ran down her spine. In the distance a dark mass shaped the plains, it was moving at a great speed and in the direction of Lorien. Daeriul’s thought’s flashed to her dream that she had the night before; Uruk’Hai, fire, the smell of scorched flesh, it filled her mind. She panicked and stole back into the forest, going as quickly as she could back to Cerin Amroth.

The sun was setting by the time she entered the threshold of the city. Daeriul dashed into her father’s study and almost fainted with exhaustion. Narmia looked up from the scrolls that lay scattered upon his desk as Daeriul rushed into his study. Her face was flushed and her flaxen hair lay a strewn upon her back, she doubled over, holding onto the doorframe for support. Narmia went to Daeriul and held her up, worry etched across face.

“Daeriul, what the matter? Where have you been all day, we needed you–“

“Atar…I…I went to the Eastern borders…and I saw…a…a black mass…moving towards Lorien…at a great speed…from the East.”

Daeriul pushed her father away, “I am fine now Atar.”

He did not answer her but hurried away out of the study. Daeriul watched after him, puzzled at his reaction. She watched as he stopped Kaladrin who was on her way to the study. They spoke briefly and quietly, then Narmia rushed out of the house. Kaladrin hurried off to her room and Daeriul went after her.

“Naneth! Please wait.”

Kaladrin stopped and turned towards her daughter, her face looked tired and worn, “Daeriul, I need you to grab what you can, we are leaving, before it is too late.”

“But, I do not understand, is it of what I saw?”

“Aye, They are coming. Now go, and say no more.”

Kaladrin left to her room, and Daeriul turned to hers. She took only what she needed, her curved daggers, bow and a quiver of arrows. She was taught to use the daggers and bow by her father with the help of Haldir. She stopped, Haldir, she had to warn him. Without a second thought she left the house in search of her friend. Cerin Amroth was in turmoil, news of the coming Uruk’Hai had spread. Suddenly the trumpets of Lothlorien were heard, chilling Daeriul’s blood, the Uruk’Hai were here.

It was as though floodgates were opened; Uruk’Hai entered the city through many directions. They all carried large torches with them and lit everything that lay before them, whether they be elves or buildings. Arrows rained down upon Cerin Amroth, one barely missing Daeriul. Anger seized her; she unsheathed her daggers and charged into the monstrous crowd. Her daggers flew and she slew many. After what seemed like hours, the crowd of the Uruk’Hai dissipated. Daeriul looked around her, bodies of the dead Orcs and elves were everywhere. She looked up towards the heart of the city; Cerin Amroth was on fire. The smell of burnt flesh filled her senses, and she realised that her dream had become reality. She rushed past many elves that stood on the edge of the city, mourning of their loss. Daeriul came upon her home which was now on fire.

“Naneth! Atar! Where are you?”she cried, but the roaring flames engulfed her words.

Without a second thought Daeriul rushed into the burning house. The hall was filled with smoke and Daeriul crawled in the direction of her mother’s room. A body lay upon the side of the bed, motionless. Daeriul went to it, and turned it over. It was her mother. Daeriul stood up and held her mother in her arms like a child, she rushed out of the bedroom just as the ceiling collapsed. The flames licked the walls of the corridor, but had not completely covered her path, yet. Kaladrin stirred and mumbled to Daeriul.

“Naneth, lay still, I am getting you out of here.”

“Nay, leave me be, I am just holding you down.”

Kaladrin struggled out of Daeriul’s arms and fell to the floor. Daeriul grabbed her arm to hold her up.

“Hurry, the flames will block our entrance if we do not leave now.”

“Nay! I say leave me be, I shall depart from this world, my time has come.”

Tears streamed down Daeriul’s blood stained face. She had no choice but to leave Kaladrin, she could do nothing else. Daeriul bent down and kissed her mother’s forehead.

“Im Melin Le Naneth, Namarie.”

Daeriul surged forward quickly through the corridor and out of the house. She fell to the ground in a heap, she wept as the house fell behind her, the flames growing higher into the dusken sky, enjoying the death and destruction it had caused.


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