The secret Ringwraith of The Shire – Ringwraith of The Shire

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” Its a fine day isn’t it Frodo”, Bilbo said cheerfully.
“Yes it is, I wonder what it is going to be like in the future?”. On that note both of them laughed. Gandalf turned around suddenly,
“Have you two gone mental here, Master Proudfoot has died show some respect”.
” Why, did he die of ‘Proudfeet’ I wonder”, then he laughed
“That was not funny Bilbo Show some respect”.
the fellowship left along with Frodo.
“Be careful Frodo don’t mess with the nazguls!”
Bilbo was wondering if all of that ring busness was worth it. then he pulled out the One Ring, he stole it off Frodo when they were Laughing.
“Bilbo has you now my Precous, they can’t burn you up now.” Bilbo then wrote a letter his cousin who knew about the ring, then another to the ‘Butlers of Middle Earth’ requesting he needed a Butler.
The letter got delivered to the wrong adress, it got delivered to a campsite of Ringwraiths. Both of the letters did in fact.
KNOCK KNOCK. Bilbo answred the door. The Elven Butler was a Ringwraith in disguse.
Four weeks had passed since the butler had been hired. He had not spotted the ring so he went to plan B. When Bilbo came back he pulled out the blade that had stabbed Frodo. He held it to his face and said…………. Nothing. nothing but heeret passseduooooo. Then Bilbo decided it is time for some Matrix moves! He dodged the Blade, then found out he bent down to far and Broke his spine.
” No wories, just my back, wait there.” he Pulled out a tablet then handed one to the Ringwraith. he tried to reason for the Ring and bilbo said he dosen’t have It. Just in the knick of time Legolas fired a burning arrow. It set the Ringwraith on fire and Killed it.
“Next time you want to nick the ring tell us so we can KILL YOU” said Legolas.


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