The Second Elf – Part One-The Granted Wish

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Here follows another version of the Lord of the Rings…

Haldir went to see the Lady, for he had heard of a great Council at Rivendell, and he wished to go. He was one of the greatest of all the Elf warriors of Lorien, and without him, the Golden Wood would have been ransacked by orcs, but for his warnings.

“My Lady,” he bowed, as he entered the Court.

“It has come into my knowledge that you wish to journey to Rivendell, for the Council, and for something else,” Lady Galadriel answered.

“Yes. I have been here for the past two thousand years. I wish to see the rest of Middle-earth,” he said,” and there is someone I wish to see.”

“I know of whom you speak. Very well, you may go. But be warned. It may not be as easy to win Elrond’s favor. We will see you off tomorrow.”

So Haldir went off back to his room. He was almost finished packing when there was a knock on his door. He was reluctant to speak with anyone, as he wanted to be off as soon as possible.

“Come in,” he called.

A tall, beautiful Elven maiden strode into the room. She had the air of queenliness, though she was but a normal Elf…exept for her eyes. Most of the Elves’ eyes were either blue or green, and some were brown. But hers were silver. Not just grayish, but almost mithril-like silver, and they were glassy, like she was almost on the edge of crying.

“Hello, Kilaer. How are you? Its been far too long,” he was slightly surprised to see her. They used to be very good friends, but had gone their seperate ways.

“Hi. I’m fine, though a little uneasy about the situation in the East. And it has been far too long,” she replied with a smile.

“To what do I owe this visit?”

“Well, I heard you were leaving for Rivendell, word travels fast nowadays, and I came to give you something,”
She held out her hand, and in it was a necklace. The string was black and tightly woven, and the small pendant on the end depicted a six-pointed star with a sliver carved out of the middle.

“You got that after…after the fire! When you lost your sight…you can’t give it to me, Galadriel gave it to you, after you saved those people,” Haldir replied, pushing the necklace back into her hands.

“Let it be a token to remember me by, for I don’t think we’ll be seeing much more of each other for a while,” and with that, she took his head in her hands and kissed him lightly, strode out of the room, leaving Haldir bewildered, and with the necklace in his hands.


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