The Sea – A short story

by Mar 16, 2002Stories

…his eyes portrayed fear but with awe, as his intense blue eyes gazed wonderously at the vast deep ocean, which spanned miles infront of him like a blue field. Watching the playful sunlight dancing on the glistening surface. The Great Audin as far as his elvish eyes could see, flows steadily down from the snowy tops of the Misty Mountains.

He closed his eyes and felt the warmth of the afternoon on his back, washing away all the wearniness and sadness.

He took a deep breath of the fresh salty air from the sea with his senses exploding to life, taking in everything that’s around him, like a infant on their first walk, forever learning new.

Momentarily Galadriel’s words rang in his ears like a clear bell :

“Legolas Greenleaf long under the tree,
enjoy hast lived. Beware of the sea, if thou hearest the cry of the gull on the shore. Thou heart shall rest in the forest no more.”

His eyes flew open as a lone white gull sored above him, and gave a high – pitched shrill cry.

Quick as a cat he spinned around, his pale fair hair whipped across his face as he did. In the midsy of the gale, the human ear would be straining to hear, but to elfin ears it was as clear it was as clear if the voice was beside him.

“We’re going!” Aragorn shouted above the fierce wind that had been building up with the intention of eventually turining into a tempest.

Legolas gave a nod to show that he heard, as he watched Aragorn son of Arathorn strode back to tell the rest of the company. He gazed back at the dark, deep, mysterious ocean, lost in his own thoughts, he leaped down from his rocky perch and started walking towards his waiting companions and pondered what was instore for him as they get close to the mystifing, gloomy ocean.


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