The Return of the Shadow

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Legolas had found many maps that described a field such as the one in his dream. His father had granted him as many scouts as he liked from his personal guard. He had sent them off a day ago with instructions to draw exactly what the fields looked like, in hopes of finding a match. Now he was just waiting for the results. None of the scouts would come back for at least a week.

Fortunately he had found something-or someone-else to occupy his time. It was just as well that the elf maiden Lorielde was so mild mannered. If she hadn’t been his obsession with finding his sister might have driven her away. He had guessed right about her, she was from the realm of Lorien. Her father was brother to Lord Celeborn and she was Lady Galadriel’s favorite niece since Celebrian had left.

Legolas adored Lorielde. They often took long walks together in the wood. When he was around her he felt more at peace with the world. She was calm and gentle. He liked her immensely as a friend, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to establish any kind of intimate relationship with her. After all, he was only twenty five. Most elves waited millenia to find a spouse. Lorielde didn’t want an intimate relationship either. They were both content just to be friends.

Legolas found himself telling Lorielde everything about him. She knew all about his quest for his sister, she even encouraged it.
“If she’s anything like you you know I’ll like her,” she assured him.
“I don’t know if she’s like me, she may be completely evil. You know our mother is one of the Laequendi, they’re not exactly renowned for their kindness.”
“Well you turned out all right,” she pointed out.
“Yes, but I don’t know what her father was like,”
“It will be fine, I don’t know any elf that was truly evil,”she assured him.
“There’s a first time for everything.”
Nenuesa stood out in the middle of the field practicing archery. The sun was almost set and the riders were nowhere in sight. The image had clearly been of the afternoon so there was no hope that they were coming today. She packed up her bow and headed for the cave.
The riders had set up camp in a glade near the edge of the forest. The field they were looking for was the one where the first battle against Morgoth had been fought. Many of the elves were superstitious about the dead who at met their demise in battle, so they stayed in the forest to spend the night. The next morning they would ride for the field.

The captain, Mercan, sat in his tent. He was looking at the map of the field. This was the field where the princess, if she was alive, was most likely to be found, since she had disappeared there. Mercan didn’t hold out much hope that she was still alive. The battle had been great and there were few survivors. Still he would do his duty to the prince, searching all of the mountain villages for a she-elf. He estimated that the men would get to the field by late afternoon. Then they would search for clues about the princess’s whereabouts or death. The captain had no idea why the prince held out so much hope for his sister. Perhaps it was the bond they shared as twins. Very few elves were born as twins and when they were they often had powers together. Perhaps the prince sensed that his counter part was still alive. Mercan wasn’t sure, the prince and princess were only half twins, and they had been separated at birth. He didn’t know, he was just following orders. What did he know of special bonds and powers between twins.


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