The Return of the Shadow – Part 4–Dark Magic

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She stepped forward into the depths of the cave, a shadow of foreboding swept across her mind for a moment but it was soon gone. It was comfortable in this cave. It was dark and cool, the torches made flickering patterns on the walls and floor. But mostly it was quiet. Not in the sense that the rest of the cave was loud, no it was more than that. It was peaceful, there were no emotions here When she was with Grenya she could sense her emotions, and that was uncomfortable because she didn’t understand them. Here there were no emotions to bother her, it was like her heart. She relaxed and became nothing, just stood there arms at her side and drifted in the silence. This was a good place.
“Come here,” the shadow said softly, its voice was a winter chill, cold and smooth as ice. I could be seduced by that voice, she thought, I would follow it to the ends of the earth. The shadow spoke to her of ice, and pain. Of being everything, and nothing, of commanding the world and holding the power to command every race at her finger tips. Of pain and joy and the coldness of being nothing, feeling nothing. Of seduction and cold beauty. The stupidity of love and happiness. Of Hatred and Cruelty. But above all power to rule the world and the heavens, and the Universe. He spoke to her of the cold beauty of the stars, of how she would become a star, immortal, bright, and cold.
“And I am supposed to believe you can give me these gifts, you, a mere shadow on a wall can turn me into a star.”
“Yes, if you do as I say,” its voice was sharp and commanding, it obviously wanted obedience, but she was not afraid. It obviously wanted her for some reason she could not fathom, she had no fear, so she was bold.
“I do not trust you to give me these things if I help you,”
“YOU WILL DO AS I SAY!” It roared in rage its voice was hot fire, right in her face.
“Or what? What do you want from me?” She was curious to know why it had kept her for two decades.
“I would like to teach you, there is much you do not know, I can teach you magic.” Its voice once again took on that air of seduction.
“If you are willing to teach me I will learn,” its voice was so beautiful, and she had always been interested in magic.
“Come here child and we will begin,” his voice was falsely kind, now like the honey that draws flies to it only to trap them on its sticky surface. There was a feeling of apprehension struggling to get free from her chest but she shoved it aside.
“Why?” She asked warily.
“Because I will not move to you. Now Come.” She walked over to sit beside where it was floating lazily.
“I must test you to see if you can hold magic,” he informed her,”before we can begin the teaching.”
“All right, go ahead,” she said impatiently, she wanted to start learning about magic as soon as possible.
Without warning the shadow dove at her. It surrounded her with its self. She couldn’t breathe. The shadow was just hovering around her. She had never felt so naked before. Just as she thought she would die of asphyxiation it stopped and drew back. She was taking huge desperate gulps of air, kneeling on the ground so as little of her was exposed as possible.
“Yes, you will do fine, my little Snagraith.” He said, if he had had a face she was sure it would have been sneering. She had no idea what Snagraith meant, but from the way he had said it it was obviously not a compliment.
“First you will learn the basic element spells,” he said matter-of-factly,” we will start with fire.” He gestured around the cave at the bare torches on the walls, they had gone out and she hadn’t even noticed.
Neirth,” he commanded, and the torches all around them burst into flame. She gasped in awe.
“Say Neirth and gesture toward the torches. It will only work if you really want it to, you must command the fire to come.” He told her sharply.
Neirth,” she said forcefully, gesturing towards the torches, she wanted the fire to come, she wanted it with all that was left of her heart, she wanted it with her entire soul.
The whole cave burst into flame.


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