The Return of the Shadow – Part 3 from Legolas’s point of view

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He slipped in and out of the trees stealthily. The laughter of the other children was nearby, he followed it until he came to a clearing. The other children were there laughing and gossiping with each other. Technically they weren’t children, not in human years, but in elven years they were practically babies. Legolas himself was only twenty three.
The children were gossiping about him.
“My father told me his mother was a Laequendi,” said one boy who looked to be about twenty one, though it was hard to tell.
“The whole court knows that, it’s no secret Aimer,”replied another.
“Yes but you don’t know the whole story,” said Aimer.
“Oh, pray tell what is the whole story?”
“She was married to the king of course,”
“We all know that! Get on with it,” the other boy said impatiently.
“But she had pledged her love to another, the captain of the King’s Guard,” all the children let out little gasps. Legolas felt sick.
“She had an affair with the captain of Thranduil’s guard, and she had the captains child,”All the children were hanging on Aimers every word, Legolas was seething with rage, how dare they tell such lies about his family!
“Legolas?” asked another.
“No, it was a girl, I don’t know her name,”
“Was it his older or younger sister?”
“Well thats the odd thing,” replied Aimer, “they were born at the same time,” Legolas decided the boy was lying, that could not possibly be true.
“The queen went to fight in the war against Morgoth, and she took her child with her.”
“Then what happened?” Asked a smaller girl.
“She was killed in the battle, her child with her.” Legolas almost gasped. Then he turned and fled back toward the palace.
In his room he regained his composure. It could not possibly be true, what Aimer had said. His mother had died in child-birth. Still he would confront his father with it later, his father always told the truth to him.
“Your majesty, Prince Legolas to see you,” a guard told the king.
“Yes, Cairnen could you please leave us for a few minutes, I’ll call you back in,” the king waved his hand to dismiss him.
“Of course your majesty,” Cairnen turned and left.
“Yes son, what is it?” Thranduil asked lovingly.
“Father, tell me about my mother,” Legolas answered.
“I want to know.”
“Your mother was one of the Laequendi, often considered to be dark elves, but your mother was the kindest woman I had ever met. What else do you want to know about?”
“How did she die?” Legolas could see his question strike the king.
“She died having you, you know that.” Legolas decided to get to the heart of the matter, his father appeared very uncomfortable.
“I thought she died in battle, with my sister.” Thranduil was obviously shocked.
“My son why would you say such a thi- all right I’ve kept the secret from you too long. How much do you know?”
Legolas told him everything he had heard from the children.
“Yes all that is true, your mother betrayed my love.” Legolas could see a sharp stab of pain mar his face.
“You do have a sister, but her body was never recovered from the battle field.” Legolas was shocked, he had a half-twin sister. Then an idea struck him.
“How do you know she is dead?” He asked.
“Son, there is little chance she could be alive after all these years.”
“Maybe someone found her and kept her,” he said excitedly.
“Perhaps, there are many villages around the battle field where she was lost.” He was using the word lost instead of dead which weant that he hoped she was still alive.
“I will go search for her,” Legolas said determinedly.
“If she is still alive I will find her.”
“If you feel that you must my son, then I will not hinder you. You may take men from my guard if you wish. The best of luck on your quest.”
“Thank you father,”
“Be careful Legolas, you are the best part of your mother that I have left, do not let yourself be killed, try to stay out of danger.”
“I will father, I love you.”
“I love you too, I hope you find your sister, but if you do not I will still be proud of you.”
“Goodbye father,”
“Goodbye Legolas.”


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