The Return of the Shadow – Part 1

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Dark shapes shifted around her. She was frightened. Where was that warm comforting sensation of being held? The shapes intensified. They moved toward her until they merged into one. The black being knelt over her. Muttering words in a dark language. It was enough to push her over the edge. She screamed and screamed. She was scared but mostly she was angry. This being had ripped her away from the warmth and light. She continued to howl in anger. She was MAD! She wanted to be back in the sun. Well fed and cared for.

What was it doing? It bent closer to her and reached out a shadowy limb. Its caress was cold and cruel. Even with her vague emotions she could sense foreboding. Whatever the shadow was it was powerful, to be obeyed. She stopped crying. The hand drew back. The cold grip of fear on her heart eased a bit. Where the thing had touched her leg she felt an icy chill. It was uncomfortable. Whatever this thing was going to do to her she hoped it would be soon, the tension in the air was almost palpable.

The shape did not return. The earth she was lying on was cold, hard, and damp. She was tired from her fit. As hard as she tried she could not keep her eyelids from drooping. She awoke with a start sometime later. She could not tell how long it had been; there was no light in the cave to judge by.

There was a painful gnawing sensation in her stomach. She had never been hungry before. She started to have a tantrum but it only made the pains in her stomach worse. She was cold, tired, frightened, and hungry. It could not have gotten any worse.

This was more than he bargained for. The babe was screaming. He was fearful one of the men from the few diminutive mountain tribes would hear and come searching. His fear was quickly replaced by joy (if it could be called that since he was hardly capable of any affectionate feelings) when he realized she was screaming in rage. Her will certainly was strong if her environment did not intimidate her.

A shadow of doubt crept to his mind. What if her spirit was too strong and overthrew his. He would be too weak to control even the weakest mind if that occurred. He would study her and teach her. He would impart all of his magical knowledge to her and then he would take over. He would feed his soul into her bit by bit over the years until she was comfortable with his magic and his presence. It would take a long time but he and the elf were immortal, he had all the time in middle earth to perfect her.

Now back to the matters at hand. He did not know how to care for a child. He had never needed to. He had an idea. He could take over the mind of one of the village women. Men were so easily malleable. And after she had served her purpose he would dispose of her.

He waited and watched for three days before choosing his victim. It was an old nurse named Grenya. She took care of many children in the village along with being the midwife. She would suit his needs perfectly and would put up little struggle.

He overran her soul one early morning when she was going out to collect herbs for her stores. He took no time to reveal his presence to her he simply entered her mind and took control. She put up a small fight but she was confused and he used that to his advantage, she was soon under control. He led her down the mountainside to his cave. Under his supervision she started caring for the babe at once.

She stopped, he demanded to know what was going on. She said that she didn’t have her supplies. She was stronger than she looked to stand up against him so he accompanied her back to the village. The people greeted her respectfully and he allowed her to greet them back. She gathered her supplies from her small hut and they were on their way.
She cared for the child and fed her. He had made his decision; he would keep her until the child was grown enough to take care of herself. After that she was dead.


He managed to remain composed. He had made a vow to himself that he was done weeping, for Legolas’s sake. It was a hard battle to keep a straight face. The sight of his wife’s body opened the floodgates on his suppressed emotions. He willed himself not to break down before his friend, Vandest.

She looked beautiful, even in death, despite the gore crusting her body. The cause of her death was clear; the orc hatchet still stuck out of her back. He looked closer, what was that next to it? A piece of ragged linen. It appeared to have been fashioned into a sling to carry something, most likely it was Nenuesa. Which made him remember his question.
“Where is the child’s body,” he asked.
“We could not find it Milord, though we searched all over the battle field her body was nowhere in sight.”
“Thank You Vandest,” he said though he did not feel thankful at all. He wanted Nenuesa, or her corpse, back. Though he did not know why.
“You are most welcome Milord,” Vandest replied.

He retired to his chambers. He could not understand why his elves had not found the body. Why would someone take a small elfling? Images of orcs ripping Nenuesa away from her mother played through his mind. They had taken her for a meal. Bloody scenes of them tearing her apart filled his mind until he could take no more.

He decided a walk would calm him. He contemplated the last few weeks in his mind. He had almost ignored Legolas the whole time since the war. Well not anymore. He had already spent too much time thinking about Celestei and her daughter. The memories were altogether too painful to think of. He would ignore that Celestei had ever existed. Already he had spent too much time focused on the past. It was time to look to the future. He would devote his heart to his kingdom and his son, that way he would have no more feelings left for his late wife. With his decision made he turned back toward the palace.

~If anyone has any info on Melkor/Morgoth please say so in your comments I would like to be as close to the book as possible!~


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