The Return of the Ring – Chapter 7

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Aramina threw herself at Gollum, but misjudged, and fell sprawling over Sam. Gollum was distracted long enough for Frodo to pull out Sting, and hold it to his throat.

“This is Sting,” Frodo was talking in a voice neither Aramina nor Sam had heard before, “You’ve seen it before, haven’t you? Smeagol…”

“What did you call me?” Gollum whispered. Frodo didn’t answer, and instead tried to help Aramina off of Sam while holding a blade at Gollum’s neck at the same time. Gollum was too bewildered to move.

Finally, Sam and Aramina righted themselves and glared at Gollum.

“Don’t hurt poor Smeagol!” Gollum whimpered, “We will serve the master, we serves the master of the precious…”

Frodo gasped a little when he realized that Gollum knew where the Ring was, but quickly regained his composure.

“There is no promise you can make that I can trust,” he said.

“We swear by, um, we swears on…the precious!” Gollum seemed immensely pleased with himself.

“You cannot swear on the precious, only by it,” Frodo said, scowling.

“We swear by the precious, to serve the master…” Gollum said bowing.

“Do you know the way into Mordor?” Frodo asked.

Fear flashed in Gollum’s eyes, “Y-yes.”

“You will lead us to the Black Gate,” Frodo said commandingly.

“Um, master,” Sam addressed Frodo, “Maybe we should tie him up, you know, to make she he won’t wander off or something.”

Frodo nodded, and they bound Gollum with the Elven Rope. He screeched.


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