The Return of the Ring – Chapter 6

by Jul 6, 2005Stories

Aramina felt lost, and, indeed, she was, along with Frodo and Sam. They were in a labyrinth of stone, and had passed the same ones over and over.

“I’ll bet there’s a nasty bog about here somewhere,” said Sam, “Can you smell it?”

“Yes,” replied Frodo and Aramina at the same time. Frodo’s eyes took on a far-away look and he turned ominously to face Sam and Aramina.

“We’re not alone,” he said softly.

Gollum came upon them that night. Aramina could hear his muttering in the dark:

“Filthy hobbitses, they stole it from us!”

She jumped upon Gollum, and tried to pin him down, but he was as slimy as the fish on which he lived. He wiggled out of her grasp and lunged at Frodo, only to be blocked by Sam. Gollum’s hands closed around Sam’s neck…


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