The Return of the Ring – Chapter 3

by Jul 5, 2005Stories

Aramina felt her jaw drop. The Elf-Woman was stunning. Aramina bowed, though she wasn’t sure that that was correct.

“I have summoned you here to perform a very imporatant task. I know that in your time there are disasters happening: destruction, disappearances, natural disasters. These are the acts of the Dark Lord Sauron.”

“But…” Aramina was confused “Wasn’t he destroyed when Frodo took the Ring and destroyed it?”

“He wanted us to think that.” Galadriel said, “When Gollum fell, he let go of the Ring for an instant. In that instant, It flew out of his hands and landed in a crevice nearby. Sauron decided that he wouldn’t win this battle, and so acted as if he had been destroyed. We all fell for it. And now, in your time, he is making his return.”

“So why am I here again?” Aramina asked, forgetting her manners momentarily.

“You are the one who is to reverse this,” Galadin said, “We need you to make sure the Ring is destroyed.”

“And how do I do that?”

“You must accompany Frodo on his quest,” said Galadriel, “You must help him in every way you can.”

“But…I am still only a girl-child. How is anyone going to listen to me?”

“Leave that to me,” Galadin said, and stepped forward. His hands moved in complicated, and Aramina could almost feel the magic building in the clearing…


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