The Return of the Eldar…… – Ten More Ages-Chapter 1

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Aaron woke up… for some apparent reason. He had a dream about a beautiful woman. He spoke a tongue he did not understand when he spoke to her, but he knew what he was saying. “Do not leave the shores,” he said.”I will come back to return your soul and our child.” He spoke this in the tongue. She nodded. A tear rolled down her face. That was when he woke up, to see the woman’s face in front of him… he loved her kind touch… but when he reached to touch her face, she faded to thin air.
He got out of bed, put on some clothes and headed to work. Little did he know that there was much in store for him that day. He walked out of his apartment building onto a breezy street, not a care in the world. He walked toward the curb and hailed for a cab, which came instantly. He opened the door only to see a woman. A woman with beautiful blonde hair that hung over her ears. She wore a dark emerald skirt, with an emerald cloak. Her eyes were green.
That is a lot of green, he thought. “I’m sorry, this must be taken…” He smiled to show white sparkly teeth. “Sorry for the inconvienience.”
She spoke in a proper British accent, “There is no inconvienience Aaron.” Then she spoke words that were outstanding, smiling as if she knew him before, “Yeni unotime.”
He looked at her appalled. Not because he couldn’t understand her, but because he could. He sat down in the cab and waited for an explanation as he closed the door, which didn’t come.
“I know you had a dream last night.”
“Really? How would you know?”
She paused before smiling. “She told me.”
He sat there stunned. “This is a joke.”
“I know her. We live together in a world of paradise.”
Hesitantly, “Are you her partner or what?”
She laughed pleasantly,”No, no, we are elves.”
“Santa’s elves.”
The woman paused, as though not sure on how to answer that assumption. “Um….”
She shook it off.
“Aaron, that is your wife.”
He was confused. “I never had a wife. Or a son.”
“How did you know you had a son?” she replied slyly.
He was beginning to get mad. “So what I don’t ca-“
“Be careful Mr. Aaron. You are the re-incarnated soul of a king who once owned a great kingdom!!!!”
“Really,” he started to get smart.”Where?”
“In your past-life. In the land called-“
“Middle Earth,” whispered Aaron, astonished. He never would have known the answer before, but now he did.
She looked pleased.
“Now listen, I have no time. You are the re-incarnated soul of the great Lord Elessar, Aragorn in the common tongue. I will return you to the Undying Lands and I will explain everything you want to know there, unless you trust me.”
He sat there confused and startled. “You need help.”
She sat back. “Do you want to feel the power of Paradise?”
Aaron sat back for a moment. He was thinking, sorting out his priorities. It was either to stay in a world where he has no job or family or go to a place where it is worth living.
He turned to the woman. “Yes.”
She sat back and relaxed, before sitting upright very quickly and shouting, “STOP THIS!”
He jumped and the car skidded to a stop.
“Thank you. Now take me to this place.”
She handed the driver a little sheet of paper. He put it down startled.
They left the city and before Aaron new it, they were driving to a cabin in the middle of nowhere. They departed from the cab and as soon as she got out, the woman turned towards the cabin and walked quickly around back, her cloak swishing madly behind her. Aaron had to skip to keep at her pace.
They reached a stable where only two horses stood, one was white and the other black… beautifully hansom. She climbed on the white horse and Aaron did the same to the black one. She turned her horse toward the doors and in a flash was galloping out into the trees, Aaron at her side.
It seemed like forever when they reached their destination. She swung her foot over the side and climbed off. She murmured something to the horse which ran off, taking the other one with it. She turned towards the perfectly, alligned circle of bushes that held candles in the center.
“Remove your clothes.”
Aaron turned quickly. “What?”
She repeated the odd comand.
“Because you need to reach the paradise the way you were created,” she said annoyed.
He did as he was told. She whistled low. He turned around giving her an evil eye. She just smiled,”It’s nice to know you’re keeping in contact of yourself.” Then seeing his reaction,”I can tell.”
He was fully nude with his hands cupped over his area when she ordered him to sleep.
At night when all the candles were lit, she started chanting words in the tongue. He knew that she was saying “Let your creation enter your realm,” over and over. The winds blew in an erie way and the lights of the candles were bright blue and showed itself so bright that it would have been hard to say it was night when it resembled a gloomy mid-day. Then all of the sudden, the woman took a blade and rammed it up his heart. Hearing himself gag with pain, he felt none. He felt as though someone had taken a huge block of ice and fix it on his chest.
He fell down and started to see stars, closer than he ever did, zipping by and at the end of the hall of numerous stars, was a light as bright as the candles. He felt his legs get up. He was still naked, but somehow, he felt no worry. He walked out from behind a stone that he was behind. He saw nothing but flowers blooming, huge trees, birds flying, butterflies zipping in and out of the fields. He was near a couple of people who were dressed in the brightest, white and silver clothes he ever saw.
“Where do I go?”
They turned from there conversation to look at him quizically. They turned around and handed him clothes, which he put on grudgingly. Then he realized, they don’t speak the way I do. He asked again in the tongue,”A woman brought me here, where do i go?”
The men just looked at each other and laughed. Then the closest said,”Ok, you see that castle?”
Aaron saw no castle, thats when he turned around to see a white castle shimmering with lights. “Go there,” he said.
Aaron started walking towards the highest tower. He spotted a stairway that he thought would take him as high as he goes. When he climbed, he spotted a bright woman wearing white and a sparkly ring with blonde hair greet me with a hand raised high. A man stood next to her with the same features and whispered something in her ear, making her nodd. He turned to his left to see a tall thin man with pointy ears (like everyone else there) and dark brown hair watch me with an eye that seemed to sufficate me. He wored a robe that had weird signs flowing down in black embroidered with a tan color while the rest of the robe was red. He kept climbing, looking to his right, spotting to familiar faces. A young man with blonde hair with bright blue eyes next to a short hairy man with a beard and an ax. He spotted a numerous number of many others in the towers of the windows. He reached to what seemed to be an atrium with a non-ending ceiling.


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