The Return of Mordor

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The walls of Minas Tirith were alive with song and dance once again, as three hobbits danced and sang on one of the tables in the barroom. One of them, as everyone rightly knew, was Peregrin Took, and the other was Meriadoc Brandybuck. The other hobbit, slightly smaller in size and also a female, was carried i n the two older hobbits’ arms and held up as they danced and sang.
“Oh you can search far and wide you can drink the whole town dry!” sang Pippin “But you’ll never find a brew so brown no you’ll never find a brew so brown!” “As the one we drink in our home town as the one we drink in our hometown!” continued Merry. Then they sang together, along with the little girl, “You can drink your fancy ales you can drink ’em by the flagon but the only brew for the brave and trueeee comes from the Green Dragon!”
The two older hobbits smashed thier goblets together and the younger hobbit clapped in delight.
“Alright now that’s enough!” said a small, but commanding voice from the floor. Samwise Gamgee stuck his head over the top of the table “Come on now Tari get down from there!”
The young girl hobbit groaned “Come on now dad! We were just having a bit of fun!”
“Well that’s enough fun!” said Sam forcefully “Now come on,”
“Listen to your OLD man,” laughed Pippin, putting emphasis on the word old, and picking her up off his shoulder and putting her down.
Tari was among one of the prettier hobbits. She had fine, golden hair and green eyes the color of a newly rain-washed medow, much like her mother’s. She gave a giggle at Pipin’s comment and climbed off the table. “Come on sing us another song Uncle Pip!” She said enthusiastically. Pippin wasn’t really her uncle, but since she was born she had always called him ‘Uncle Pip.’
“Starting a sing-a-long again are we?” said a rough voice from behind them. Sam turned around and saw his old freind Aragorn, standing there smiling.
“Lord Aragorn!” said Merry from atop the table and he bowed low accidentally spilling a bit of his beer.
Aragorn laughed and turned to Sam “Samwise, my old freind, I see you’ve gone and had a daughter.”
“I have!” said sam proudly “This is Tari Gamgee.” The said hobbit picked up the ends of her dress and did a courtsy “My father has said many things about you sir.”
Aragorn nodded his head in return for her courtsey. “Well come on then Merry, Pippin. Let’s hear another song.”
The two hobbits nodded and began another song but Aragorn was no logner listening. His eyes had strayed upon the corner of the room where there sat a man with deathly white skin, wrapped up in a cloakand hood so that only his hands and the long pipe he was snoking were able to be seen. Aragorn walked over “Hail, freind. Or foe. Whatever you be.”
The hooded and cloaked man looked up at Aragorn, or rather, his head tilted upwards slightly. He nodded to the king and threw some coins on the table standing up and preparing to leave. “Stay for a while..” said Aragorn, suspicious of him. The man studied him for a moment and then nodded. “What be your name?” Aragorn asked ucriously. The man paused for a moment before knocking back his hood to reveal bright shining red hair and dark black eyes. “My name is not of your concern…….your highnes..” he added politely bowing his head.
Aragorn was still unsure but noded and led him towards the bar. But when he got there the stranger was gone. He was about to all out for him – but his calls were drowned by a high pitched scream.


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