The rebels – their battling and she finally meets her enemy face to face .chptr5

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Rosealyn walked up stage . As she looked at her imortal host she felt great pride she could see their victory now it was in their destiny.
As i took my side at lady Rosealyn i imangened what it would be like for me marilyn to be so great and powerful like her standing there with pride and dignity. Watching her fellow imortals cheering and awaiting their death or how shall i call it oh yes destructen. So as i stood their i listened and remembered her words because that was the last time i heard them before she had disapperedthis is what she said,

“I Rosealyn lady of the rebels , have seen you fight, i’ve seen how barbarian you are , you are the hord of the rebels , you fight for your blood thirsty revenge on what was once ours now lets get out there and fight till the death . “

“To the death”. they shouted.

“Marilyn come we shall get to fight together once agian.”Rosealyn cheerfully shouted.

We got on our pure white horses and rode to the unforgetable battle . I rode through the woods fast beside Rosealyn we unlike most made a good team.

After i made my speach i took Marilyn aside and asked her to ride with me to battle and fight together like all ways she agreed . We rode with the rest of our host behind us. When we met the battle field my heart stopped what i saw was so terrible to imagen just a mile away was the biggest host of warriors i had ever seen or fought . I had no choice but to tell Marilyn to ride back behind our host to command our people. king legolas’s army charged forward as they spotted us so we commanded to charge forward as well. They clashed and fought i drew my people back and they drew back and clashed forth agian . After that i saw to my horror more of the kings men come up from behind my people and slaughtered every last one, i grew so terrorifid i told Marilyn to ride back. As i followed behind her i was in such a hurry i hit something from above and fell into a nightmare.
When all was over legolas walked out to the battle field to his victorious warriors and congraduated them on the find job.

“lord legolas i found something one of the soilders said from way on the otherside of the battle grounds . When the soilder reached him legolas looked at what the soider was careing .

“Ive found a women in the woods she is in a fainted stage but should be fine but where did she come from i dont think any women fought in battles here today i didnt see one.”

Legolas looked at the frail women she was an elf he could see that but dhe had the strangest black hair she wasnt from mirkwood and her hair was to black to be from rivendell he opened one of her eye lids and saw the most brightest blue eyes he had ever seen . All legolas knew was he would keep her in the palace for a while.

to be continued


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