The rebels – The battle begins chptr 2

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rosealyn woke with a start she went to wake her apprentice marilyn who did almost every thing for her .

” Marilyn go arouse are people and get them ready”.Rosealyn ordered .

” Yes my lady oh and your sister she wants to see you “.

” What nursing wing is she in ” .

” Just down the street and to the left the its room six zero four”.

” Thank you “

Rosealyn walked to the nursing wing she remembered when her sister could walk and take care of herself but during the dark relm she remebered when the orcs took her away and tortured her crippled her and yet she still lives today. She finally got to the room six zero four and entered . when she got in there she saw her beloved sister sitting next to the window rocking in her chair her black hair glimmered in the sunshine her poor twin turned around to look at her.

” hello akaya , how are you sister of mine” Rosealyn solemly said .

” im fine you ” .

” never better “.

” good good sit down”.

Akaya gestured to a seatee in front of her.

” I hear you about to go in battle”.

” yes “

” um well i just wanted to say good luck i only wish i could come with you but you better get going i just wanted to see you ive been so lonely lately going from nursing home to nursing home “.

A tear ran down rosealyns face .

” yes i must go but dont woory i’ll come back and you can come live with me i promise.


Rosealyn readied for battle and found her apprentice marilyn .

” Are they all aroused and ready “.

” yes they are waiting for you to pep talk them “.


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