The Quest of Indile – Chapter 4

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Nenlosse was exhausted! She had run as fast as the swiftest elves could for a day and a night without rest. She had gone on even when darkness fell and evil creatures of the night left their lairs to roam the earth unseen. She had ignored her hunger, pain and fear and kept going through the night to keep going on the mission Daeron had trusted to her. She would not fail to get to Lothlorien and the lady Galadriel!

But now she was tired beyond belief and it had become clear to her that without rest, she could not go on.

As she slowed her run to a walk, she began to search for a place where she could sleep safely, and yet as comfortably as possible. She finally spied a likely spot and turned aside from the Road to go to it.

Lying down, Nenlosse hid the box she carried under her cloak. Curiousity about what lay inside it plagued her thoughts, but she thought it best to leave it unopened until it came to Lady Galadriel.

She closed her eyes, giving in to the overwhelming weariness that had taken her. She slept undisturbed and rested, unaware of anything.

* * *

Legolas awoke with the breaking of dawn before Indile. He knew she had not gone to sleep until late the night before for he had heard her tossing and turning.

He debated with himself whether to wake her or not, but at the end of several minutes, he decided that it was best if he woke her, because they needed to make the most of the daylight afforded them.

“Indile. Indile!” Legolas gently shook her shoulder to rouse her from sleep.

She awoke with a start and opened her blue eyes to see the handsome face of the Prince looking down at her. She found it a very pleasant thing to awake and see him smiling first thing.

Indeed, she found it so pleasant as to forget why she was on the cold ground sleeping. That is, she forgot until the Prince reminded her with, “We need to be on our way. Dawn has come, and with it light for the ride.”

Indile, feeling somewhat ashamed that she could so quickly forget her mother when she was in the presence of Legolas, jumped up quickly and called to Tinwe. “Tul, Tinwe! Ar kelai siar..” The horse, who was grazing nearby, trotted over to Indile and stopped, looking ready to meet the day.

Legolas, who had been folding Indile’s blanket up for her, asked, “Why do you speak to your horse in Quenya, though your native language is Sindarin?”

“Oh.. My father insisted I learn Quenya along with Sindarin when I was just a child. I spoke it to Tinwe from his birth so that is what he understands. And now, he is the only one I can speak it to.” At these words, sadness came into Indile’s face and stayed, expressed in her eyes.

Of course, thought Legolas. And now I have reminded her of her father’s passing into Shadow and caused her pain to return. Ai!

He walked over to her, giving her the blanket, and looking sorrowful himself. He stood by her for a few seconds before saying, “I know your mother is safe, wherever she is. Do not worry! We will find her.”

“Yes.. I hope so, thank you, Prince Legolas.” Indile said this not looking or sounding as though she did hope.

She raised her chin, attempting to be brave, but feeling very despondent. She pointed out that they should go, and quickly.

They mounted their horses and galloped on, praying that with this new day, Eru would smile upon them and give them grace to find Nenlosse.


Morning fell on Nenlosse, its brightness awakening her from her deep sleep. She reluctantly opened her eyes, feeling sore and cramped from her long run the day before. How she dreaded continuing it!

But the thought of Daeron got her up and sent her running again, holding the box, and going toward Lerien.

Quenya translation: “Tul, Tinwe! Ar kelai siar..”
This means, “Come, Tinwe!. And may it finish today..”
I hope you have enjoyed this chapter, though it did not carry much of the story, but was merely a link to the next, bigger part. Please continue to read abo


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