The Quest of Indile : Chapter 3 – The Journey Continues

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Indile and Legolas rode side by side on their horses, proceeding at a light trot. They did not speak often, for Indile felt there were no words she could say that would not remind her of her parents and bring grief once again to her heart. Legolas did not speak for he concentrated on the road, looking for signs of Nenlosse. They were following footprints that led away from Mirkwood East, in the direction of Lothlorien. The prints became harder and harder to follow, disappearing altogether as night began to fall over Middle-earth.

Having ridden for a day, thy were at last compelled to stop. Indile and Legolas were tired and hungry, as were their horses. They dismounted and began to see to their horses.

“Well, Prince, far is the distance we have covered, yet it would seem that we are no closer,” Indile remarked.

It was the first time she had spoken in hours and Legolas was glad she was at least speaking. He feared that if she did not, then her grief would build inside of her and she would be overcome by it, instead of conquering in time.

“Yes,” he replied, “but then if the footprints are indeed your mother’s then she has had a day and a night’s start ahead of us.”

“What do you mean?” Indile looked at him with a puzzled expression on her face.

“Only this. Your mother might be in Rivendell.”

“No,” Indile said confidently. “No, we are on the right path. I have seen this.”

“You have the gifts of farsight and vision?” Legolas looked at her in wonder. None of the elves in his father’s kingdom had these gifts.

“Yes,” Indile replied. “They were bestowed upon my forefathers when they left Valinor for Middle-earth. My father had the gift, as do I. I had but a glimpse of the future no more than a week ago. The vision was of my mother. She was in the wild, as we are, and she said only, “I cannot fail. I must get to her!” And then the vision faded.” Indile was silent after she said this, thinking about what her mother’s words could possibly mean.

“Well,” said Legolas, veering away from the subject. “Night is falling and we should make provision for it. I will see about finding some food if you will gather wood for a fire. DRY wood only, please.” He thought she did not know that green wood would make a smoke and not burn well, and he thought she did not have the skill to catch or kill game.

Indile stiffened. Prince of Mirkwood though he may be, she thought, he has things yet to learn! Putting an utterly innocent expression on her face, she said, “Let us do it the other way around. I will hunt, and you can gather dry wood.”

Legolas just stared at her, pondering what to say. He was hungry, tired, and was coming quickly to the end of his patience. He did not wish to stay hungry just to let a maid prove a point.

But the gentleman in him won, so he only sighed and said, “Very well.” Turning, he began to finish up his horse when he heard Indile say, ” Kel, Tinwe. Ar tulye ata rato!” At her words, Tinwe trotted away. Legolas was surprised that she spoke Quenya and her horse understood it, but said nothing.

Indile walked into the woods after this exchange and appeared that she knew where to find game, so he began gathering wood.

They had eaten, thanks to Indile’s success in the woods, and were making their places to sleep by the fire. Indile went on the other side of the fire and away from it to make her place. Legolas was slightly hurt that she would want to go so far away, especially when they were in the wild, but didn’t remark on it.

Indile took up the pack she had taken off Tinwe and told the Prince, “I am going into the woods to a stream I saw so I can bathe and change clothes for I will not have time to in the morning. I will return before long, just so you know where I am.” So saying, she walked away, soon disappearing into the midst of the trees.

Legolas sat by the fire by himself after she had gone, enjoying its warmth. He thought about different things briefly, but he soon found it useless to think of aught else but Indile. He had never, he was certain, come across anyone who ruled his thoughts so continuously.

Indile returned after what seemed to Legolas a very long time indeed. She had brushed her long brown hair until it shone, and she had changed her green dress for a simple one of dark blue, made in the traditional elvish style. The color accented her eyes and made them stand out in her face. Legolas had to tell himself to not to stare at her, but he found it difficult indeed. He only said, “Indile, you look very beautiful.”

She smiled at this and said, “Thank you, Prince Legolas.”

She walked over to her bed and lay down to try to sleep, but as soon as she closed her eyes, an “Indile?” drifted up from Legolas’ side of the fire.

“What is it, Prince?” Indile tried to keep some measure of respect in her voice, though she found it hard. Will he not just go to sleep? She thought this, becoming increasingly annoyed with him.

Legolas rose and walked over to where she was, sitting down beside her. “Do you not think I should stay awake and watch?”

Indile sat up as she replied, “No. Tinwe is watching.”

Legolas did not look wholly convinced, but let it go. He got up and walked back, saying, “Good night, Indile.”

Indile said her ‘good night’ in turn and then tried to sleep once more, but every time she closed her eyes, she saw only her mother, lost in the wild, saying, ” I cannot fail. I must get to her!” Indile thought, What does it mean? Will I ever see my mother again? How does the Prince feel about me? She wondered these things until far into the night, but at last, overcome by weariness, and lulled by the sound of Legolas’ soft breathing, she at last could sleep.

Quenya translation: “Kel, Tinwe. Ar tulye ata rato!”

As close, once again, as I can get, this means: Go, Tinwe. But return again to me soon!
I hope you (whoever reads it) have enjoyed this chapter in the story of Indile. Please comment and tell me what you think!
P.S. I know I don’t have the accents right, but whenever the site comes to a special ‘e’ ‘o’ or ‘a’, it will not print.


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