The Quest of Indile: Chapter 12 – Bliss in Valinor

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Many years were come, and many years were gone.

And so it was that the King Aragorn grew weary of his life, for he had lived the the life of six men, and he gave back the gift of time to Eru, the One.

His rule passed to his son, and his Queen went out of Minas Tirith, out of Gondor, to be alone with her grief and to die.

Then Legolas found no more happiness or peace in Gondor, or aught else in Middle Earth, and his thoughts turned to the Sea, to Valinor, and to his betrothed.

And his thoughts pleased him so that he took leave of his friends and traveled to the Havens to set sail for the Blessed Realm.

Thus Legolas left Middle-earth for Valinor, and Cirdan the Shipwright sailed with him, and together they made their way to the Blessed Realm with the grace and guidance of Ulmo of the Valar, Lord of Waters.

* * * * *

The ship had been sighted from the shore and there was great excitement among those who were friends or the family of those expected.

Indile stood on a hill close to the water with Legolas’ parents. They did not know her well, yet they could see plainly her love for Legolas as she eagerly awaited the ship to arrive.

Her far-seeing blue eyes sparkled with joy as she caught sight of the ship, with its many banners and flags waving in the wind.

“I see them, ” she whispered in a soft voice to Legolas’ mother, who stood nearest to her.

“Aye? Pray, can you tell how long it will be ere they arrive?” the woman questioned.

“Not long, my lady. Indeed, no more than a few minute’s time.”

The mother of Indile’s bethrothed fell silent, and then said, “I suppose you wonder who I am, exactly.”

“I.. well.. yes, my lady, I do,” Indile stammered, now wondering how the lady knew that.

“I thought so. My name is Èriële Greenleaf, and Legolas is my son, ” Èriële said.

She turned and Indile saw her face and was enchanted by the rolling, watery sound of her name, and by the resemblance Legolas bore to his mother.

“Thank you, my lady Èriële, yet I do not understand how you knew.”

Èriële laughed, a lovely, ringing laugh. “Ah my dear, but I have the gift of Galadriel. I can read open minds that are not guarded.”

Indile blushed and smiled at her own lack of perception, and at Èriële, for she was so carefree and beautiful, having long, flowing blonde hair, sea-blue eyes, and delicate, yet striking features. She stood taller than most female Elves, resembling an Elf-Queen of old.
Legolas looks so much like her, Indile mused.

She turned her attention back to the ship and saw it getting very close. Her heart skipped when she recognized the silver-blonde head of Legolas on the deck.

“I can see him,” she whispered to Èriële.

Èriële’s face brightened and she took Thranduil’s hand to squeeze it tightly.

“My son..” she murmured.

“I can imagine how you must have missed him. I have not seen him for 600 years, and yet I can scarcely wait for the ship to dock,” Indile said softly.

“Wait no more, for it is here!” Thranduil smiled, happy to see his son arrive.

* * * * *

Leoglas walked off the ship at Cirdan’s side, and he was overwhelmed at the sea of faces greeting him. Faces he knew and loved.

He saw Elrond and Celebrian standing with their sons, Elladan and Elrohir, but the absence of Arwen was clearly written in their features.

He saw the remnant of the Fellowship smiling at him. Frodo and Sam jumped excitedly around the no-longer stern Gandalf, all waving to their old friend.

He saw his cousins, aunts, and uncles, and with them, their own.

And then.. who his eyes most wished to see.. Indile, standing with his mother and father. He started up the grassy, green hill to her, but Indile was already running to him, heedless of the eyes on her.

* * * * *

They met half-way, and neither hesitated to throw their arms around the other in a tight, lasting embrace.

Indile pulled back after a moment’s time, her brilliant blue eyes shining and bright with happiness.

“I missed you,” Legolas heard her whisper.

Smiling as he reached down to brush a silky brown strand of hair from her face, he replied, “And I you, tarinya.”

Unable to resist her sweet, happy smile, he bent to softly kiss her lips.

* * * * *

Legolas and Indile walked hand in hand up the hill to Èriële and Thranduil, smiling and happy.

Èriële looked long at Legolas, at last saying, “Ai! Can this be the tiny, infant son I left?”

Legolas’ face fell. “Aye, mother, it is. A sore twist of fate that you, and then Indile, should be taken from me by the creatures of Mordor. Yet we are all together now, and for eternity.”

“Indeed my son.” Èriële kissed the forehead of Legolas. “But pray, are you and the lady to be wed? I have seen that she bears you great love, and she wears the crest of Thranduil.”

Indile blushed and fingered the green pendant Legolas had given her.

Legolas found amusement in her behavior, but he spared her from having to speak. “Yes, my mother. We are to be wed, if it is still the lady Indile’s wish.”

Indile’s expression became even happier as she said, “I would have it no other way.”

* * * * *

And so it all began. Legolas and Indile were wed, and the joyous day was blessed whole-heartedly by the Valar.

Indile’s quest was truly completed, for it had been to find peace, happiness, and love, and all these things and more did she find in Valinor.

Of the lives of Legolas, Indile, and their children, many tales could be told, and many volumes filled, yet it is enough to say that their everlasting days were, and still are, lived in absolute happiness and and bliss in Valinor.

Author’s Note:“Tarinya” is from the Quenya and means, “my queen.”

I hope you have enjoyed this story of Legolas and Indile, as I have enjoyed writing it immensely. A thank you to all those who have read, and commented, especially.


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