The Quest of Indile: Chapter 11 – Farewells in Lorien

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It was a warm, breezy night and Elbereth had lit the stars in the sky over Lorien. It was a happy night for some, and yet a sorrowful night for others. The Lady Galadriel would leave the next morning for the Havens, and with her would go many Elves of Lothlorien.

It was well known that the ladies of Mirkwood would sail also, and those who would remain behind in Middle Earth wondered at this. Yet though Lady Indile and Lady Nenlosse were pleaded with constantly, they were resolute, and they would not consent to remain behind when the party going to the Havens left Lorien forever.

* * * * * *

Legolas had taken Indile for one last walk on Middle Earth in the forest. The warm breeze blew on them and elven-birds sang to them from the heights of the mallorn-trees, but they did not notice.

They both knew that this was almost the last time they would be together for a very long time, and the knowledge weighed heavy on them both. Yet neither spoke goodbyes, nor ruined their time together with words of gloom and darkness.

“Indile?” Legolas’ voice broke the silence between them.

Indile turned to look at her Prince, saying, “Yes?”

“There is something I wish to give you. Close your eyes, please.”

“Close my eyes?” A puzzled expression came over her face, but she did as he requested.

She heard a tiny clinking noise and felt Legolas taking her hand and putting something in it.

“You can open your eyes now,” she heard him say.

Opening her eyes to look at what her hand held, she gasped. “That is beautiful!”

Legolas looked at her and smiled. He had given her his necklace that signified his standing in Mirkwood. It was a lovely, radiant green stone fashioned in the shape of the Crest of the House of Thranduil, suspended by a thin silver chain. The stone was one his friend Gimli had given him when they had visited the Glittering Caves together that day so long ago.

Taking the necklace from Indile, he gently fastened it around her neck. “It looks nice on you, ” he whispered.

Indile smiled back at him and threw her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly.”Thank you,” she murmured to him. “I am afraid I have no gift for you..” she pulled back with a broader smile, “But if a maiden’s kiss will do instead, then you may have one, and gladly.”

Legolas put his arms around her waist and kissed her, taking her offer. Indile stepped away after a period of time and her eyes were bright and shining once more.

* * * * * *

It was time to leave. Every goodbye had been said, and everyone who was to go to the Havens was ready. The sun had barely risen and so a very faint light was upon them all.

Indile was in the middle of the procession, but she turned and saw her Prince standing alone, watching her with sorrowful eyes. She slid off her horse and ran to him, embracing him with all her strength. She kissed his cheek and a tear slipped down her face.

“Legolas, it breaks my heart to leave you, but you know that I cannot stay. Come to me soon!” she ended in a whisper.

Legolas kissed her lips softly for the last time, and said, “I know, and I will not linger long here. I promise.”

Indile looked at his face once more and then went back and took her place once more.

The Lady rode at the head of the group and she led the procession away, out of Lorien and to the Sea.

* * * * * *

Legolas watched until even his eyes could no longer see the departing Elves, and then he sighed and began to walk to his talan in the city. He felt restless and without a purpose. Much as he had felt before he met Indile.

He went up the stairs to his dwelling, but found no peace there. Taking up his quiver and bow, he strapped them on and walked to the stables.

He found Tinwe quickly and mounted, saying, “Noro lim, mellon.” Tinwe made no move. And then Legolas remembered that Indile had spoken only the High-Elven language of Quenya to him.

“Kel!” he tried again, with a response this time. Tinwe trotted out of the stables and Legolas pointed him in the direction of Gondor.


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